Update: off sick, night out, shopping for the kids & Barbie

I’ve been off work for a week. More than a week if you include the week before last too (I was off from Wednesday onwards). I rang my HR department on Thursday to double check the situation with paid sick leave and I learnt that after this week I would be unpaid if I was off anymore. So sadly, I have to go back even if I’m not well. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dying. But I’m still definitely not well. I’m so damn fed up of being ill. I don’t feel like I’ve been achieving anything. Thursday and Friday I managed to get a couple of things done around the house – tidied my office, organised the spare key box & folded and put away a load of clothes.

Last night we went to a charity ball to raise money for our friend’s little boy Olly who is going to America to have an operation on his legs. His parents are saving up for the operation and the trip. It was a very nice do. Very good turn out and the mum of the little boy made a fab speech but I didn’t last any later than 10pm. I had one glass of white wine which I didn’t even finish and just had to go to bed. I even missed pudding. I am a little disappointed but I’m glad I didn’t stay up and push myself. I have to go back to work next week whatever happens and I need to be a little better than I am right now. Apart from still feeling a bit sore in the throat area, swallowing still hurting a little (although a lot better than before), I now have some kind of indigestion, where my chest hurts like its being crushed until eventually a burp pushes its way up my throat. And a sinussy headache. I think the paracetamol/ibuprofen combination that I have been taking may actually have caused the digestive problem. Its bloody impossible. Take medicine for one ailment and it causes another!

This morning we left the hotel (me forgetting to unplug my phone charger and take it with me – hotel are posting it to me) and came to pick the kids up from my parents. They were playing in the little playground garden that my parents have – with slides and swings and sand pits etc – my mum runs a nursery so that’s why she has that separate little garden which is really very lovely. We had a cup of coffee and the kids played/faught over which slide to use and who was going to use the teapot to pour the tea (water).

Once we left there, we went to Matalan to pick up a few summer things for the kids. What was meant to be a small-ish shop (£30-40) turned into a bit of a mega shop – more like £100. Here is what we bought for them:

  • Sunglasses – heart shape princess ones for Lala and cool dude boy sunglasses for Joshua
  • A dress for Lala (actually one of those shorts dresses)
  • Set of 2 summer dresses
  • 2 vest tops for Lala
  • 2 t-shirts for Lala
  • 5 pack of socks for Lala
  • Crocs for Lala
  • Flip-flops for Josh (Angry Birds ones)
  • Furry slippers for Lala (she just wouldn’t take them off)
  • Necklace/bracelet/ring set for Lala (as above)
  • Angry birds hat for Josh
  • Minnie Mouse hat for Lala
  • Angry birds rashvest for Josh
  • Angry birds swimming trunks
  • 2 swimming costumes for Lala (one a bikini set – black and white with pink trim and a pink headband and little skirt to match – and the other a full costume – red with white polka dots)

We went a bit mad. But still, it was all for the kids so I don’t feel (too) guilty. And then we were home watching Toy Story 3 and Lala was asking for her barbie doll – which had been eaten by the dog earlier that week so I quickly took her out to the local toy shop – Enchanted Wood – and bought her a new one. All of £12.50. It is a fairy barbie with wings and everything. Its fab. I SOOO wish I was a child again – although when I was little barbie dolls had bendy legs. Nowadays they either don’t bend or they have horrible looking legs with a bending mechanism that looks like Dr Frankenstein has been taking their legs apart and then putting them back together using bolts and things. Yuck. That’s why we decided not to go for the cycling Barbie with the bike and bending legs. Why has Barbie or whoever owns it (is it Disney?) become such a cheap-skate!? Is it me???

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  1. Hope you’re feeling better and manage work OK next week.

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