Bit of a mental day

20130408-195956.jpgI have to say. I am utterly knackered. The day started with me ringing the doctor’s surgery exactly 89 times before I got through (pressing redial continuously) as you have to ring as soon after 8am to get a sameday appointment. The lady sounded like she thought I had been quite lazy ringing at 8.15 or 8.20 or whenever it was that I actually go through and said that all the earlier appointments had gone already and the only one left was at 5.45pm, which I said I’d take. The reason for the appointment was to get Lala checked over for her rash that developed along with a slight fever on Friday and over the weekend. The fever had pretty much gone but she still looked pale and blotchy and had this prickly rash all over her tummy and back. She also had slight dark circle under one eye and it looked a bit sore in the corner. All in all she has not been a very well bunny, poor thing.

So after I’d arranged the doctors appointment, I got out of bed (Lala had joined me in bed by that point) and got dressed. I have to admit I didn’t bother with a shower. I was too tired. Plus I wasn’t going to be in the office for long. Once hubby got back from dropping Joshua at nursery, I left Lala with him and headed into the office, via Starbucks. Well, I needed some wake up juice! I got into the office just before 10, in time for a quick catchup with my boss, followed by a team meeting. After which I went back to my desk to check my emails and then head home (I had already texted my boss earlier to let her know what was happening – that I was coming in for the meetings and to collect my laptop and then would head home to work from there). However, just as I was opening my emails, my phone went (actually it didn’t as I have it on silent but I could see that the nursery were ringing). “Uh oh” I thought. Nursery ringing in the middle of the day is never good. I answered and they told me that while playing football in the garden, the wind had blown the flag (which had a bit of wire in the label or something) into Joshua’s face and had made a bit of a gash. They said it wasn’t that bad but could I get there as he might need a stitch or glue. I told them I was leaving anyway as my daughter was ill and left around 11.

I tried not to speed on the way home, having recently gone on a speed awareness course after getting caught by a speed camera but the combination of non-rush-hour traffic and the urge to comfort my injured child (even if it was just a little cut) had me pushing the speed limit ever so slightly and I think, ok KNOW that I went through a light just as it turned red. I KNOW I should have slowed down and stopped and PLEASE GOD don’t let me get a ticket!

Anyway, I got to Joshua eventually (about 42 minutes later) and they showed me his cut. They had put a dressing on it but only taped on one side so that you could look underneath. It wasn’t that bad although I can see why they wanted me to come. It wasn’t very deep or wide but the cut was quite open.

I took him to A&E with a very quick detour to get a magazine and some chocolate (cBeebies & giant chocolate buttons respectively) and we were seen very quickly, first by a nurse, then a doctor, and then by another nurse who closed the wound up using stereo strips and a little glue. Joshua got a sticker, and we were told that he must not get the stereo strips wet.

We went back to the car, had a few more chocolate buttons, and then went to Sainsbury’s to get me a coffee and to get Lala a magazine so that she didn’t feel left out.

So my plan to not spend any money has been going really well: £2.50 on the parking, £2 on Joshua’s magazine, £3.50 on Lala’s magazine, and £1 for the chocolate buttons.

Still, they are both okay which is the main thing.

Once back, I tried to get a little bit of work done in the kitchen, after tidying up so that I actually had space to put my laptop, in between handing out biscuits, changing the channel to cBeebies, Bee Movie, Woody movie (Toy Story), Barbie movie, Cars (they didn’t watch all of those – Lala just kept changing her mind!), helping them get up Star Wars/Hello Kitty movies respectively on the iPad/iPhone, etc, etc, etc.

After dinner, I took Lala to the doctor and he had a look at her and said that it was just a skin irritation. She must have had a temperature from a cold and maybe her immune system being under attack, her skin just got rashy. She does have a tendency towards dry skin. So its not scarlet fever like I thought it might be.

It is now just gone 10pm. I had a lovely bath after putting Lala to bed and when I got up I changed the sheets. I had asked hubby to do it for me as a favour but he had to rush off to a meeting that he’d forgotten about (a local charity that he is a member of), so I did it myself but the effort almost killed me. My stomach was rumbling so I managed to find myself a jacket potato for dinner and whiz it round the microwave for a bit before finishing it in the oven and piling it with cheese. And I’m now watching Criminal Minds on TV before crawling upstairs to bed.


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