Had a strange dream last night

Had a dream last night. It was a really odd one and thought I’d type it up before it slips out of my mind.

Basically, I was involved with the police in some way and we (me, husband, and some friends too – can’t remember who) were at a house and we thought that this man was at risk of hurting his wife and two kids. We got to his house (in some kind of gangster situation – he had lots of big looking mates around) and he and his wife & kids were not there. The police wanted to search the house first and by the time we got after him, he had killed (gassed I think) his wife and two kids. Then I woke up (although I was actually still in the dream) and went through the same scenario except when it came to searching the house I told them that no, we had to get after him right away – and long story short, we got to the place where he’d taken them and managed to get to them before they came to any harm.

I can’t remember much more about the dream except that it was that kind of de-ja-vu type groundhog day type theme. It was very odd. I don’t often have dreams that stay in my mind this long.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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