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bakerdays cake

I was contacted a few weeks ago by Baker Days and asked if I wanted to do a review of their cakes – which was very exciting for me as I’ve not been asked to do any reviews before, and while its not something I want to do a lot of (finding the time would be a problem for me and also I am not keen of blogs that are full of reviews), I thought it wouldn’t hurt to do the odd one – especially if its products that I really like. And I LOVE cake!! hehe.

So, I decided that with hubby’s birthday coming up, it would be the perfect reason. I would get hubby a personalised birthday cake and get something to blog about at the same time. Oh and we’d get to eat cake too! Triple whammy!

I’ve no idea if I’m doing this review thing right, so will just carry on rambling on.

So the cake arrived a couple of days before hubby’s birthday, as promised. It came in a little cardboard box and it was small enough to fit through the letter box. This is great because you don’t have to worry about not being home to receive it. Its also housed in a very pretty tin which I’m definitely going to find a use for. The tin protects the cake from damage and also looks really nice!

I was a teeny tiny bit disappointed to discover that it was carrot cake, when I’m SURE I asked for Chocolate, but it was still delicious and moist.

The cake that I received is called a Letter Box Cake and is £14.99. They have 400 designs on their website that you can choose from and they will even make something specific that you ask for – like mine which was a bit of a joke for my husband. I thought I could have a beer or a picture of something blokey – although that is trickier than it sounds as he’s not really into any sports. So I thought something that Lala likes (Peppa Pig) and something that Joshua likes (Darth Vader) and put the caption “Happy Birthday Ben – The kids chose the cake”.

Anyway, I am very impressed and I would definitely consider ordering from them in the future. Right, that’s my review done. Hope its okay! 🙂

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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