When will I be less tired?
When will Joshua stop waking us all up several times per night
When will I have the energy, and therefore the motivation to lose weight
When will the dog stop stealing food
When will I be on top of the housework
When will I feel like I can be bothered to even TRY to be on top of the housework
When will I get a proper lie in that doesn’t involve small children jumping on me at some point
When will I enjoy my job
When will I not rely on chocolate, cakes, comfort food to make me feel better.
When will I stop being so irritable
When will I get to where I want to be?
When will I get a rest
When will Lala be out of nappies
When will Ben stop shouting at the dogs
When will Joshua stop doing his high pitch windgey voice
When will it all get a little easier?

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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