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New Design

Well, its been a really exciting week. I’ve been busy with the pBloggers team getting the pbloggers blog up and running and promoting it as much as possible. I also had a new header (and avatar/badge and facebook/twitter headers) designed which I applied to the blog last night. It was designed by Bonita Graphics who turned it around in just a few hours. Please check them out and also follow/like them on Twitter and Facebook! I’m SO impressed and I love the new look of my blog. The header is designed to describe my family and life. If you are reading on a phone here is a picture of the header:

On the left you have my husband, Joshua and the little dog Toby. On the right, you have me and my daughter Lala next to our house and my little red car. In the far right you have Tia our labrador who we almost parted company with but who we love very much now we decided that it was US that needed to pull our socks up. Just under the title you have a rabbit (yes, we have a rabbit) and finally, dotted around the scene you have 6 chickens one of which is on my head. I just love it. It pretty much describes the chaos (and fun) that is our life. I only wish I spent more time at home. And I kind of wish our house was in the middle of a field with a dirt track (yellow brick road it looks like) leading up to it! One day….

Plans for the blog

I am so excited about everything that’s going on right now. I have plans to write an eBook – more about that later. I have been listening to podcasts by Blogging Your Passion and Smart Passive Income to get hints and tips of how to make my blog better. I would love to make some money from blogging one day and haven’t started on that route yet. That is not my main priority as really I just love writing and sharing but in my mind it would be amazing to earn an income from blogging/writing. And from listening to these blogs it seems that people out there are doing it.

I have been reading a lot of blogs too and trying to absorb as much as I can. However, after listening to a Blogging your passion podcast this morning I have realised that I am in “boss mode” too much. I have all these plans in my head: things I want to do, write about, ideas to develop but I’m spending too much time learning and not enough time actually DOING the work I need to do to get there. I feel like also my blog posts have been getting less and less frequent and when I’ve done them they’ve been short and really about plans again. No real content. I do hope you will bear with me.

Some of the ideas in my head that I never seem to get round to doing include…. Writing a series of technical help blog posts. After talking to someone at work he actually came up with the term “….. (insert technical item) for Mummies”. Like, say, Twitter for Dummies, but for Mummies. I really like that idea. And if I get rich off it I will make sure I pay him some money for the idea! lol. Anyway, the things I would like to include in that blog series are:

  • Evernote – how amazing and useful it is, what I use it for, its different functionalities
  • Twitter – from a newbie to other newbies out there, things I have learnt about Twitter so far
  • Facebook – now I’m more of an expert about Facebook and how to use it to express yourself in your personal life (not so much from a business perspective). I would talk about how to set up private lists and use them in your post settings so that you only share more personal stuff with people you trust to understand. 
  • Blogging – again from the perspective of a relative beginner, I’d just like to put together the things that I’ve learnt, the tools that I’ve found helpful. 

Now I have my new design in place, my next step is to migrate from Blogger to WordPress with a self-hosted site. I have bought hosting and a domain name but I am a little terrified about the move and setting it all up. I am going to take a look at it tonight.

12 Thoughts on “New look blog design & plans for the blog @bonnitagraphics #pbloggers

  1. Love the new header, but cant make out where Crowley is. Good luck with all your ideas, Joy xx

  2. love your new header, and good luck with your blog, I a abit in boss mode too and have so many ideas with things I want to blog about its just getting them all down. 🙂

  3. love your new blog header it looks great xx

  4. OOH exciting times :))) looks like your blog is doing amazingly x well done you xxx

  5. Hello! I’ve just discovered your blog today, it’s lovely! I would love to learn more about using Evernote I have all the apps on all my devices/computer but haven’t really got in to the swing of using it!

  6. hey, I just grabbed your badge and put it on my site, do u know how I can get my own ‘grab a button/badge’ things on my site with the code underneath? ps. like the new blog design 🙂

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