A Trending Twitter Party – #pbloggers

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Wow. Where do I start?

I have only been properly blogging and on Twitter since November last year and it has been a bit of a learning curve, I have to say.

I have been trying to get to grips with it all and I had seen some chat going on around #bbloggers and #fbloggers etc and I didnt’ really understand it all.

Well, I joined in a little bit and figured out that bbloggers stood for beauty bloggers and fbloggers was for fashion bloggers. There was also mbloggers for music bloggers. I can’t remember how it came about but I joined in a conversation with some other ladies about why there wasn’t a hashtag party thing for mum bloggers. We decided that it would be nice to include dads as there are plenty of daddy bloggers out there too and we wanted to include them so I came up with pbloggers (which stands for parent-bloggers). It wasn’t being used for anything and, last Sunday, the #pbloggers Twitter party spontaneously happened.

This week, our 2nd week, we trended on Twitter. Now, I’m still quite new to all this but I know that trending is good.

We chatted with lots of bloggers experienced and newbies (like me). Our topic this week was actually being a new blogger – people’s thoughts, experiences and advise if you had any to give.

The creators (that sounds quite cool, doesn’t it) of #pbloggers are:

myself here (@mum_in_a_hurry)
Mischief Mayhem & Motherhood (link to her post re #pbloggers) @happymumMMM
Yummy Mummy in Training @Mummytraining27
My Little Rays of Sunshine (pot re #pbloggers) @mylittlerays
They Grow So Quick @Sebsmummy
Mummy Plum @mummy_plum.

Well, ladies, there is no parting us now. We are partners in crime!!!

The rest of you, if you are a parent and a blogger come join us NEXT SUNDAY (and every Sunday) 9-10PM. 

16 Thoughts on “A Trending Twitter Party – #pbloggers

  1. It went so well! Great fun too, like I said earlier, bloomin well done 🙂

    Just Pirouette and Carry On…
    Follow me on Bloglovin?

  2. Partners in crime indeed! A-ha! I still can’t believe we trended! Excellent work! x

  3. I am so proud that we trended last night!!! I can’t beleive i managed to miss you off my post, you’re on it now! xxx

  4. Great post, and thanks for the link to my blog. I feel a bit of a fraud though as I’m not really going to be able to participate on the Sunday night very often – esp with the 3 month old at the moment. Sometimes he sleeps, sometimes he doesn’t! Am following the whole thing with interest though and will join in when I can. x

    • Don’t be silly. Not a fraud at all. You helped think it up too! Little one takes priority. Sure as he/she (sorry I can’t remember right now) gets older you’ll be able to join in more. Enjoy this stage. Sniff. Not gonna get to go through that again!

  5. It was soooo fab – a great party! Thank you all for starting this. As a newbie blogger, it’s a great way to meet new people, and to bribe other bloggers into posting about technical stuff I just simply don’t understand *offers more chocolate*

    Thanks again ladies. Best party on twitter I reckon xx

    • LOL. Thanks for coming !!!! I’m looking into ways to get even MORE ppl involved. This is gonna be a parent blogging phenomenon!

      PS I will write that post – or series of posts… I have them in my head. Just need to do them! Must write list.

  6. Would love to join in, although I’m usually asleep by 9pm hahaha. Well done for setting it up! I only began in Feb so anything like this is great for me x

  7. Only just found this via Twitter, and as a parent blogger and Twitter addict would love to take part in the next one! 😀

  8. I am so glad I found this post! I caught the tail end of the #pbloggers party on Sunday evening and even from those few minutes met some fab people so thanks for creating it 🙂 I am very new to the blogging & twitter world so would love to gain as much advice as possible! I will be there on Sunday night (as long as little one is asleep!!) 😀
    Jen (@MummyNeedsChoc)

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