Random Ramblings

I feel the need to post a blog post but am not entirely sure what I’m going to write about.

What’s on my mind?

  • Work – Its getting busier which is good and I’ve been training a new lady this week which is fine. Its a bit tiring. Sometimes all you want to do is get on with stuff, but that’s not her fault. 
  • Study – I’m up to Lesson 5 (I think there are a total of 9 and then there are example exams and things). I have gone over my notes from lessons 1-4 and redone the tests to drum the information into my mind
  • Blog – I’m SO excited about my blog. I obsessively watch the number of views each day to see if they go higher than the next day. Not sure this is healthy – if anything its making me distracted as I’m thinking more about number of viewers and less about writing interesting/good content. Also can’t WAIT for Britmums Live in June.
  • eBook – Off the back of some of my recent poetry posts linking up with Prose for Thought #Prose4T, I got some really lovely feedback and someone even suggested I put my poetry into an ebook and sell it on Amazon. I’m looking into that. I looked into the pricing of that and would have to price it at $2.99 (about £1.70) I think if I wanted to get 70% of the profit. I would also need to 
    • Title of ebook
    • Which poems to include
    • Order?
    • Should it include pictures, extra text in between the poetry?
    • Would people actually pay that for a book by me?
  • Bath bombs – old hobby/pocketmoney income of mine has been resurrected and have been selling to work colleagues through this email distribution list that they have at work for selling items, advertising wanted things and stuff like that.
  • Nails – have had TONNES of comments about my nails that I’ve done – started doing nail art on top of the acryllics that I had done. First I did pink with white polka dots. Most recent attempt is turquoisey green with little white flowers and little tiny blue gems. I bought a kit of nail varnishes (the kind with the really thin brushes) and have been going on Pinterest to get inspiration. See my Pinterest Boards – one for Inspiration and one for my endeavours for pics. I am going to try to make a habit of doing them either on a Friday or Saturday night. Not sure what I’m goign to try next. Might make up my own design. I’m thinking some kind of butterfly motif. 
  • BlogLovin – Oh, also I have just joined BlogLovin as I found out that Google Reader is closing soon. I’ve tried it out and I love it. Please follow me on it. In fact, while you’re at it, please also follow me on:

That’s it for now. I hope to soon have some incredibly interesting, useful and scintillating content for you! Haha!

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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