Matilda Mae Poem @Edspire #MatildaMae

Matilda Mae
a Poem Written for Jenny Edspire ispired by her post Toddler Grief

Dearest Baby Matilda Mae 
You are so dearly missed.  
Your mummy’s heart is breaking 
Into lots of tiny bits 
You’re brother and sister don’t understand  
where their baby has gone 
Why mummy & daddy can’t fetch her 
and bring her back where she belongs 
Matilda Mae I don’t know you 
But I feel your mummy’s pain 
So beautifully she writes it 
So raw and unrestrained 
 I want to make it better 
To give you back to your mum 
But I know that that’s not possible 
What is done can’t be undone 
So please baby Tilly grant me 
A favour from your place up high 
Grant your family the wherewithal  
To be strong and to get by

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