Dear Mummy

Dear Mummy,

Mummy, I am writing this on Sunday, Mothers Day
Its made me think of a few things i’d really like to say.
First of all, I’d like to tell you how much I love you
But more than that, I understand, now I’m a mother too.

Thank you for the crafty fun down in the cellar den
Making and sticking and painting, all happy memories of back then.
I remember Daddy going away and waiting by the window
Asking you when he was coming home, how you coped on your own I don’t know.

You cared for us, fed us, kept us clean, kept us entertained
No parents nearby to help you out, you really must have been drained.
Apologies from me the teenager. I hope you will forgive.
I’m really lucky to have you & grateful for the help you give.

More than that, I’m proud of you. And what you have achieved.
You run your own business, work from home, in your dreams you have believed.
You’re earning a wage from something you love, of this you should be proud.
And this makes me think that maybe my head isn’t totally in the clouds.

So keep on being you, you are the you that I love so much.
You’re caring and smart (yes, you are) with a very artistic touch.
Now I’d better go because its nearly 1 and I’m meant to be at yours
I do hope you like your cream tea we’ve made: scones and cheese straws.

Right, better go, how do I end? I suppose I should just say
I love you a lot and I’m wishing you a Happy Mothers Day. 

3 Thoughts on “Dear Mummy

  1. This made my mum cry….

  2. What a lovely poem! Did you write that yourself? If so, that’s amazing!

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