Beauty routine – changing things around


I love lotions and potions and makeup and cream. But I’m rubbish at actually using them. I also like the idea of a dressing table. Somewhere you sit down to really focus on yourself. But sadly, this set up actually works AGAINST me as I rarely have the time to actually sit down and do my makeup or do my bedtime routine (or am too tired to be bothered). After my little pamper session and me-time yesterday I decided that I was going to try keeping my essential stuff – makeup remover & cotton pads, face cream, eye cream, cleanser etc – in the bathroom. So that at night when I am in there to take my pills (I keep them up on a high shelf in the bathroom away from the kids), take my contact lenses out and brush my teeth before bed, I can get in the habit of moisturizing my face etc. Same in the morning. I can do it immediately after my shower.

This has already worked well for me after just one day. I’ve added toner and eyecream to my selection and I will see if I can maintain regularly using these creams and things and keeping up my beauty regime.

I’m not vain by the way. I don’t really care if I get wrinkly. Well, OK, I do a bit. But my skin often feels very dry and tired and I have all these things (collected, given to me, bought) – I may as well use them. Plus pampering yourself in whatever small way does make you feel good and I need a confidence boost right now. Every little helps, as Tesco would say.

Good night all. I’m in bed already. I’m going to catch up on reading some blogs that I follow that I’m behind on. Sweet dreams!

4 Thoughts on “Beauty routine – changing things around

  1. I love a lotion and potion! I’ve never found a toner that I’ve been in love with though…


    Just Pirouette and Carry On…

  2. Oh gosh I’m the same – never find the time for all the lovely designer products I keep treating myself too! Lol x eye cream is the one I remember most frequently… Especially as my eyes give a whole new meaning to dark circles… :/ x

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