Listening to the radio makes me hurt

I was listening to the radio this morning (radio 4) and there was an interview with James Bulger’s dad as today was 20 years since the murder of the little toddler. Just thinking about it now, makes me want to cry. It makes me angry that CHILDREN could be so cruel and depraved to have done something like that. It made me want to turn right around and get my little 2 and 4 year old and hug them so tight that they tell me to let go! I didn’t listen to the whole interview as it was on just after 9am just as I was arriving at work 5 minutes late (I caught the first 5 minutes as I was approaching work and finding a parking space).

Then on my way home, there was another story about a father who set fire to his house on purpose, intending to rescue the 6 children in that house and blame the fire on his mistress. What is wrong with these people? Where is the instinct to keep your children safe. You DO NOT do things that put your children in danger. How does a father let greed and vindictiveness overtake his common sense and his instinct to protect his children and keep them safe from harm. How must that man feel now, knowing what he’s done, that his 6 children are dead.

I want to go hug my children again.

I’m not good at this stuff. Do all mums feel like this when they hear this stuff on the radio? Its like it physically hurts. I know its not me and its not my children but it hurts just to know that this kind of thing happens. Do dads feel this way too or is this my female hormones talking?

I must go to sleep as I have to be up at 6.30am to get showered and dressed to be at the doctors at 7.40am. Oh the joys.

4 Thoughts on “Listening to the radio makes me hurt

  1. Yep,I can relate to this, so much so that I tend to avoid the news somewhat. Having said that tho I do work in Social Care so I am open to these sort of stories / cases 🙁 xx

  2. I’m not very good at dwelling on such sad things either as I get myself very upset and tied in knots about it.

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