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I have decided to start writing a blog post. One that is “as it happens” as I quite like the way those kinds work out. Plus it seems to make the time go quicker. 1 hour and 36 minutes (cos its already 15.24) to go until I can go home. I’m a bit bored this afternoon. I have a few things to do but I am not feeling particularly inspired. Particularly as the thing that I need to work on hardly ever gets looked at by the person that its done for. Doesn’t’ that just really annoy you? When you spend an hour working on something and the person doesn’t bother looking at it. I have put an alert on the system where this document is so that I know when someone (including me) updates or downloads it.

I’m looking forward to going home. The last couple of days have not been too bad. Have managed to get the kids to bed without too much agro. And then I have the whole evening to myself which I quite like for a change.

I had a bit of a panic about money this morning. I’d been doing a little bit of emotional spending and stuck my head in the sand instead of looking at whether I could afford the thing I was spending my money on. But I managed to sort it out now. My husband gave me money back for what I spent paying the girls for cleaning, plus an extra £20 plus he found £60 of MY money in a savings account that he had put aside for me AGES ago when I had a bit of a financial wobbly. So now I’m all sorted again. I have plenty to keep me going. Plus we sorted out the food account too so I have enough to get by. I may even have enough to treat myself to a pizza one night in the next couple of weeks. I may do that at the weekend – but will only do it if I’ve managed to save up enough by not spending my daily allowance.


1 hour 24 minutes to go. Just so bored today. Looking forward to my dinner tonight. Have decided to have jacket potatoes in the special way I used to have them as a child. We got the idea out of a recipe book called “Cookbook for Kids”. Basically, you bake the potato and then scrape the outside out and mash it up with some cheese and bacon (and whatever else you like) and then scoop it back into the skin, sprinkle some more cheese on the top and grill it so it goes nice and melted. I’m feeling hungry just thinking about it. I also have a Gu Chocolate/Vanilla cheesecake to have afterwards. I bought the pack yesterday. With 2 in it. I am BEYOND proud of myself for leaving the second one in the fridge and not going back for the 2nd one when I’d finished the first. Cos it was bloody nice! Last night I went up to bed at 9pm and had a bath. Tonight, I’m going to watch telly (after I’ve done my list of things to do – deal with chickens, feed rabbit etc), have my dinner and generally chill out.


Its nearly 4pm! Yay. Only an hour and 5 minutes to go. When I thought my finances were rather dire, I sent out an email to our work “social” email address saying was anyone interested in handmade bath bombs (I used to make them and sell them) and I got a really good response and it looks like I’m going to get some orders.


I’ve just scoffed 4 ryvitas (black pepper ones) and now my mouth is ever so slightly burning (in a nice way). I’ve got myself a hot chocolate from the machine (I’m in that kind of a mood where I need to be either eating or drinking something all the time). 48 minutes until I leave now. Had enough of this week already. Looking forward to saturday. Hoping I can manage to have a fairly chilled out saturday before mad sunday – Rugby tots first thing. Oh, I’ve just realised we have a birthday party to go to on Saturday. Bugger. Oh well, I at least have the morning. I don’t think the birthday party is until 3pm. Guess I can say goodbye to a day or two’s worth of money in order to buy a present and a card


Blimey. Time to go home!!!

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  1. So let me get this right, you DID eat four Ryvita, but you DID NOT eat the second cheesecake? My god, you are a saint woman, a saint! 😉

    Just Pirouette and Carry On…

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