Long busy day + clean house!

Phew. What a long day. Long busy, but good day.

Hubby left at 8am. I managed to get in the bath in the morning before he left which was nice. Then I got the kids ready for Rugby Tots and Ben’s dad arrived (he was taking Joshua to his class which was after Lala’s class). After Lala’s class we came home and put the telly on and Lala had a snack while I got on with the tidying. I had my friend’s two daughters coming round later to do some cleaning for me and there was a HELL of a lot to do and I only had enough money for 3 hours maximum. I got quite a lot done before they turned up at 3pm – including cleaning out my car, emptying all the bins, tidying up the hallway, cleaning up the kitchen mostly (except the floor) and I tidied the “laundry room” hanging up wet clothes that were strewn both on the floor and on the bed and folding up dry clothes in neat piles (I put them away later on). Oh and I also changed my bed sheets so I get to snuggle up into nice clean sheets tonight. In the time that the girls were here they did EVERYTHING. Floors, hoovering, bathrooms, tidying up kids room and other rooms….. I will put some before and after photos next. But am gonna stop to eat my dinner now. 🙂

Here are the before pictures (yuck):

These are a few pics of my efforts before the lovely girls got here:

Tidied the kitchen

Tidied up the laundry/dog room

Here are the after pics:

It feels so good, and makes such a difference to feel that I have a clean house. I can cope with being on my own every day, dealing with the kids on my own, keeping up with the housework (rather than trying to struggle through with a house that is just constantly a tip.

I’m going to make a real effort to keep it this way. I’ve already tidied away my dinner things and put a pan in to soak and emptied the dishwasher. I have also added a few things to my list app (HomeRoutines) which I’m going to use to check through what needs doing each day.

I can do this. It might even be enjoyable (no husband – I love you dear, but you do stress me out a bit sometimes and lets face it, 2 grownups make more mess than one, no dogs – I kind of miss them but its nice and quiet without them).

So, what are the things that are in my evening routine? Lets have a look:

I will add to it every evening as I find more things that need doing (and I am realistically likely to do). 
Right, on that note I’m going to sign off, post this and think about going to bed. Got to be up early so I can get in the shower and get ready before dealing with the kiddies. 
To my dear friend who leant me her daughters (and to those lovely super-cleaning daughters): Thank You and I love you!!!!!

8 Thoughts on “Long busy day + clean house!

  1. I’m impressed by a number of things – that you managed to have a bath before 8am, the nifty photo collage, obviously the tidy house and the app use. I’m failing miserably at domestic duties still. The house is a like a laundry and I haven’t the energy…do your friend’s daughters work nationally? ha ha xx

    • Hi. I was awake at 6am cos hubby dearest…. got a bit… erm you know. Anyway, he started running it for me and I jumped in while he gave kids breakfast.

      I used PicMonkey for the collage pics. Its a great tool. Check it out. Picmonkey.com I think.

      I think the BEFORE pictures don’t really do it justice to how bad it was (how bad it made me feel). So its a HUGE relief.

  2. Yes, I could do with borrowing them, too. What a great job, well done xx

  3. Oooh my name is Joy too.

    Anyway – great job. I love taking before and after pictures – makes me feel better.

  4. arhh how nice, shame it never stays clean, wish I could get someone over to just clean the bathrooms and toilets and floors!!

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