Sunday. Again

Is it really Monday tomorrow? Really? Please someone tell me I’ve made a mistake and its actually saturday night or tomorrow is a bank holiday.

Also, how have I gone from blogging nearly every day to barely managing to fit one in a week?

Its the bloody iPhone game I swear! Totally addictive. I find it relaxing because you don’t have to think about anything while you’re playing it. But then I want to do that every minute I have free rather than doing something more interesting like reading a book or writing my blog (interesting to me, if not anyone else – lol).

I must get my mojo back……

Had quite a busy weekend this weekend. Hubby got drunk and stayed up until half 4 on Friday night but I still managed to kick him out of bed to give me a lie in on Saturday morning. Was nearly half 11 by the time I got up which was fab! Then hubby went back to bed for an hour. Then he took the kids out to McDonalds for lunch cos he couldn’t be bothered to cook (hey, I wasn’t going to complain for him volunteering to take the kids out on his own) and I had a lovely bath. Had intended to do some tidying up after the bath, but he got back just as I got out. He had been to Matalan to buy the kids new socks (and us too as we seem to only have 300 odd ones, but none that match – how does that happen?) but I guess he must have gone in, charged around grabbing what he wanted and then come back again!!!! Oh well, the bath was nice. He jumped in the water after me and by the time he got out it was time to start packing and getting the kids ready to go to my parents for the night. We were off to the cinema and for dinner afterwards. So we dropped them off at 5pm and then went to see Les Miserables. It was truly amazing. I didn’t think, having seen the musical at the theatre 4 or more times that I the film would be able to be AS good but I think it may even have been better. I cried my eyes out several times. It was great!!! I rang my mum (my parents a big fan of Les Mis) and ranted to her about how good it is and that they have to go and see it NOW!!! Well, not NOW NOW as they were babysitting our kids at the time but you know what I mean!!! Then we went to Prezzo and had pasta each (got bored of having pizza although their pizzas are really good) – I had something with gorgonzola, chicken and bacon in a creamy sauce. Yum! We got a taxi back as we’d shared a bottle of red (merlot) between us and came home, made tea and went straight to bed. Alarms set for 7.30am ready to pick kids up for rugby tots next morning.

Sunday, went to pick Ben’s car up, then both went (in separate cars) to pick the kids up. I take Lala to Rugby Tots for her 8.40am class and then Ben follows a little later for his class at 9.15am. After Lala’s class I took her home and we settled on the sofa and watched a bit of TV. Then Ben texted and said that Joshua wanted to go swimming and did Lala want to come. Didn’t really feel like getting us both out of the house again but Ben was right, she hadn’t been in ages and I asked her if she wanted to go swimming and she replied with a definitive “Yes, Mummy”. So I grabbed the swimming stuff and we headed out again. They both really enjoyed it. I got to do a few lengths when the kids got out as Ben took them to the changing rooms to get them dressed. Well, he made a start anyway. I did about 10 minutes swimming. Better than nothing I suppose. Then we went out to lunch (Ben decided to treat us) and we went to a pub in Buckshorn Oak and had roast lunch (although I had lasagne and Lala had chicken gougons – posh nuggets!!!). Oh and then sticky toffee pudding (for me) and vanilla icecream (for the kids). After a nice relaxing lunch we came home and put the telly on and Ben and I started on the housework before we had a visit from the lovely friend who is going to be looking after our big doggey during the 2 weeks that Ben is away. She has very kindly offered to keep her the weekend too. Which I’m very grateful for. While Tia is a lovely dog (now we’re learning to be a bit more patient and she is getting more walks so is more chilled) I wouldn’t be able to walk her at all even when I was home at the weekends as I can’t manage two toddlers and Tia on my own. So the fact that she is having her during the week when I’m at work but also at the weekend is such a huge relief and she is a very doggy person (ie someone who loves dogs, not who looks like one) so I know Tia will be in good hands. I’ve told her that if it becomes too much and she needs a break from her to let me know. Our little dog, Toby, is going to my mums during the week. Its such a relief knowing that all I’ll have to worry about when Ben is away is the kids. Well, the kids and the chickens. Hope it doesn’t rain too much. Don’t relish going out in the garden every morning and every evening if its pissing down.

I don’t really want the weekend to end. Its been busy but really good. Back to the grind tomorrow. Back to the road. Back to ferrying small children from pillar to post.

I think I will make myself a nice hot chocolate to make myself feel better. Night night.

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous weekend! I’d be shattered after all that 🙂

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On…

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