Funny kiddy moments & putting away the xmas tree


I have been neglecting my blog somewhat the last few days (or week?). The reason is… well, work, kids, house, oh and the fact that I’ve started playing a really silly game called Hay Day on my iPhone. I have to say it makes the day pass a little quicker when I have nothing to do. As you can probably tell from the name of the game, its a game where you have a little farm and you have to grow crops and have chickens and cows and get eggs and milk etc from them. You have to climb up through the levels and at each new level new things are released and you get things that you can use for expanding your storage etc. It is rather addictive, I have to say. And its currently down for some maintenance which is why I’m writing this!!!!

So what else has been going on? This week has gone relatively fast I think. I went to the gym last night. Was just going to do my exercises at home but decided that I really ought to do the 15 minute warm up so tried to start up the treadmill but couldn’t get it to turn on. Ben is going to have a look at it. Its probably a fuse or something. So I decided there and then to go out to the gym. The fact that Joshua was still up was an influencing factor, I have to say! I quite enjoyed it actually. Once I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to spend the evening exercising (it was 8pm by the time I left the house and I didn’t leave the gym until 9pm) I quite enjoyed it.

The kids have been quite funny this morning. I was thinking the other day on the drive to work that I should write a blog post about the funny things they’d been doing in the morning but then the day got away from me and I got distracted by this silly game when I wasn’t doing some work. Anyway, I can’t remember what day it was but I remember thinking I’ll title the post “The things that you really have to cherish when you work full time”. I think it was Tuesday morning. The kids came into our room as Ben was in the shower and they both climbed into bed with me. We were playing under the covers. I’d put the duvet over our heads and make it into a kind of tent with my knees or legs up in the air. Lala would say “spooky” (actually it sounds more like Pooky) – anything that is dark or involves pumpkins or bats is “Spooky”. Its so cute. Then they both started pointing out pumpkins on the inside of the duvet (I think its due to the pattern of the duvet cover being darker in some areas and the light was still on at that point so the light was coming through more in some areas than in others leaving dark patches which they were saying were pumpkins). Then Joshua decided that it needed to be MORE spooky so he got out and turned off the light (the bathroom light was still on though as daddy was in the shower). It was really fun and made me think how great it is to just stop worrying about all the things you have to do and enjoy them. I don’t do that enough.


Been playing stupid game again in between doing a bit of work. I think I’m going to have an evening of doing things. Tidying up a bit then maybe catch up on blogs in bed. Lately, I’ve not wanted to spend any time in my living room. I think that’s because its always a blasted mess and I hate the sofa. Now that I have my laptop (which I can use for internet or obviously catching up with TV on iPlayer) I don’t have a reason to be stuck to the TV downstairs. I can’t wait for a) the kids to be old enough not to make a bloody mess all over the sitting room (yes, its probably partly my fault for not TEACHING them to tidy up after themselves).


Its nearly 10pm. Why is it that when I’m at work I make these plans for what I’m going to do when I get home and then when I actually get there I’m absolutely exhausted. I was very bad diet wise this evening. On the way home from work I stopped at the garage and bought a big bag of M&Ms – the kind you get in the cinema (family sized) and I ate nearly the whole thing on the drive home. There are two left. I almost just shoved them in my mouth but managed to restrain myself. Also had a sugar craving just before I came up (while I was waiting for the milk for my hot chocolate to cook) and had to take a little bit of muscavado sugar out of the jar (does anyone else eat sugar by the spoonful or is it just me???). Tonight, my plan was to do lots of tidying up. Perhaps to sort my living room out so its not such a tip. I was also going to lie in bed and blog. So at least I can tick that off! I did do a bit of washing up – just the bottles – and that was only because we needed them to put the kids milk in for bedtime. I just feel so bloody tired by the evening. Also feel fat and stupid and annoyed at myself for eating almost constantly. I just can’t seem to get going. Or stop eating. I just want to curl up in bed and hibernate until spring time. Do you think humans actually have the urge to hibernate? I suppose, I’m human and I want to hibernate, so therefore they must, mustn’t they!?

On the up side, I did manage to put the Christmas tree away. I say away, I just folded up its branches so they aren’t quite so bulky and would (almost) fit in the box. And yes, I’m aware that its nearly January. We’ve just been busy, you know. And tired. Actually, mainly just tired.

Oh another thing I forgot to mention earlier about the kids is bedtime TV. Its really sweet. Me and Lala do the Jimmer Jammers bedtime song together on Nick Junior. “With a clean face and toothpaste, a tinkle and a hug…” We dance and sing along to it.

Anyway, I’m sure the kids get sweeter in hindsight and once they’re asleep in bed!!! Is it just me????

4 Thoughts on “Funny kiddy moments & putting away the xmas tree

  1. Sounds like you’ve been busy! I wish I’d recorded some of the things that my little girl had said as a toddler. She used to talk about hedgefrogs, snowlar bears and allsorts!

    We always used to sing the jimmer jammers song! Bitter disappointment followed if it was stinky Land of Dreams instead 🙂

    Just Pirouette and Carry On…

  2. hahaha i eat spoonfuls of sugar if i need a sugar fix lol

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