I just had the most lovely pampering session. I had a bath. I used a face mask that I got for Christmas, washed my hair several thousand times (had de-nitting session this evening – partly why I needed pampering to get the icky feeling off me), then used my Aussie heavy conditioner and left it to soak while watching the latest episode of Ripper on my laptop.

Once I got out of the bath, I used all the moisturizey lotions and creams for all of the different parts of my body – I have some boob cream which hubby bought me after Lala’s birth to help boobs recover from breast feeding, also used stretch mark cream, body butter (on legs arms and all the bits in between), eye cream, some special anti aging gel stuff, then night cream for face.

Finally put some serum on my still damp hair. I am lying in bed content cos I feel nice. Not felt this nice in ages.

I also packed a little makeup kit in my bag (also changed handbags yesterday which was long overdue) – mascara, eyeshadow, some moisturizer.

I should have done this last night – would have made me feel much better today, I’m sure. Still, better late than never. 

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  1. Mmmmm, warm bath and pampering, how lovely!

    Just Pirouette and Carry On…

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