Cheating on food & Staying late at work

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I have cheated somewhat on my “healthy eating plan”. I have bought a packet of peanut M&M’s and a caramel wafer thingy to get me by the rest of the afternoon. The walk took the good part of 15 minutes (especially as I realised half way there that I’d forgotten to take my ID card – need it to get in and out of certain areas of the building). I feel exhausted for the journey – not because I’m unfit (although I am a little unfit) but I think its because I’m ill. I’ve got the start of a cold. My throat hurts and feels like its going to develop into a cough and as I was walking I felt myself coming up in a sweat. I’m on my own now as one colleague had a half day and the other had arranged with me to go early (ie she goes early and I stay till 5.30pm). Which is fine as I usually go at 5pm (I work through – or just sit at my desk surfing the internet as there is no work to do – my lunch in order to leave half an hour early to pick up the kids). However, its quite annoying as its not busy and I’ve already seen lots of people leaving early due to the impending weather (which is not due to start until tomorrow anyway!!!). I SO hope it snows tonight/tomorrow morning. A day working from home would be just the ticket. As there isn’t anything to do, it would involve tidying and watching TV. Yay. I was thinking about (not considering as I know logically that I couldn’t get away with it) but I was still thinking about the idea of going home now (or at 5pm as that’s when I’d normally go) and no-one would notice and I could sign on via my phone, but I did tell my colleague that I would stay until 5.30pm and even though there is really no point as I’m just sitting here, I’m going to do that.I’m packing up 5 minutes before though, and getting my coat on etc. Honestly, if I had some work to do I’d show a much better work ethic, but it feels like they don’t value us enough to even give us anything to do. Maybe they are just going to let our contracts run until the end of June and then just get rid of us. All the more reason to get my Prince 2 training.

I have decided that I am DEFINITELY going to go in that direction. I’m 21% way through my Prince 2 for Dummies book that I downloaded and I think I’m going to do a course in July. Plenty of time to get my head around the idea of it all. And if this quietness at work continues then I’ll just keep using the time to read. Although it is hard to be motivated about anything when you are bored out of your mind.

Shit. Just lost a load of stuff that I wrote. Anyway, its 17:28. I’m going to post this. Here is a picture of me with my coat on ready to go. 

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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