10 things I can’t stand

  1. Cold tea
  2. Luke warm baths
  3. Leeks
  4. Being cold (are you noticing a theme)
  5. Wet weather
  6. People who have their fog lights on when its just a bit misty and its REALLY not necessary to have them on.
  7. Husband leaving beard shavings in the sink
  8. People that are judgemental of other people
  9. One rule for us, there another rule for you…. (style of management)
  10. When things like remote controls or mouses (mice? – the computer kind) run out of batteries

2 Thoughts on “10 things I can’t stand

  1. I’m with you on most of these, but I have trained my husband on the sink thingie, and now he’s very good (not perfect, but very good).
    Joy xx

  2. Oh the beard shavings! I’ve banned mine from shaving over a white sink now, and why do they ALWAYS do it when the bathroom is spotless? Grrrrr.

    Just Pirouette and Carry On…

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