First training session

Written yesterday (Saturday)

I saw my personal trainer today for the first time. It was hard work and also not as hard work as I thought. I felt like I could keep going but also during some of the exercises I felt like I couldn’t manage another one. It was good. I looked in the mirror while doing some of the exercises and saw my soft tummy and I really didn’t like it. I’d love to be firm in the middle. The trainer is going to email me my exercises and I have put in my diary that I’m going to do 3 times a week. I’m going to work out Monday, Wednesday and Saturday (I’ll probably go to the gym Saturday).

This is my trainer, Mark. He’s quite scary. But actually he’s very nice.  Link to his gym below the picture:

Studio 1

It was quite daunting at first going in there. It very much looks like a “man’s gym”. I’m not sure why I say that. Probably cos there were only men in there. And Mark is a body builder (I’m guessing from the photo). But I was made to feel very welcome. I do have different aims from maybe some of his body building male clients but why shouldn’t I get help from someone who knows what they’re talking about. I like how its no messing about. He works you hard. There is no chatting while on the treadmill. I did warm up on the treadmill but that wasn’t included in my half hour that I paid for. I didn’t think I could ache after just half an hour but man do I hurt. Its okay with I’m sitting down and even walking around but coming DOWN stairs (strangely up is not so bad) is really sore. I actually had to come down on my bum like the kids do a couple of times! LOL. I’m sure I’ll get better. I am going to start with my training program he’s sending me on Monday evening. 

9 Thoughts on “First training session

  1. Wow that’s your trainer, no wonder you hurt! Well done for taking the plunge with a personal trainer.:-)

  2. Yeeps, he does look terrifying. That could work for me though, it’d scare me into doing as I’m told. You’re very brave to go into such a male sounding environment, bloody good on you! Hope you ache less tomorrow 😉

    Kate @Just Pirouette and Carry On…

    • Thanks. lol. It didn’t feel so bad yesterday but has got progressively worse as the day went on today. He says I should rest tomorrow and start my training on Tuesday.

  3. Holy muscle man, his muscles have muscles! Well done for starting your workouts!

  4. Good luck! Ive also started the old flat tummy workout – not fun haha but you do feel better for it afterwards and it’ll only get worse if we dont start doing something about it now! You should try Zumba, although I nearly had a heart attack after one class, it’s an amazing and really fun workout!

    • Thanks. Done first session tonight (at home). Think I need to tackle my diet and stop snacking so much (on healthy food but still…. snacking is snacking).

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