Detox Day 7 – General Ramblings

14:34 – Its getting a bit boring recounting what I eat everyday so I’m just going to summarize. Its pretty much the same as what I’ve been having the last few days. Had muesli when I got into work (15 minutes late – back to the flipping grind stone where traffic is concerned), some nuts to snack on, for lunch: salad – lettuce, cucumber, tomatos, spring onions, red onion, walnuts with chilli olive oil and balsamic vinegar to dress. Then some of my homemade oat cakes which I’ve just scoffed. I wasn’t in early enough to pick up some free fruit (they have it free in bowls in our offices but I don’t like the apples they have and usually by about 9.20am that is all that is left – all the bananas and grapes have gone). And I’m trying not to spend any money so haven’t BOUGHT any fruit. I do have some homemade houmous and veggie dippers (cucumber & celery) to snack on a bit later but will try to wait until 3.30pm.

Over the weekend we had no problem sticking to the diet, although I have to say I did rather miss a nice glass of wine on Friday and/or Saturday night. But I know I’m feeling better for not having it. Having mentioned that I felt all bright eyed and bushy tailed on a few mornings (normally I am like a bear with a sore head), this morning I was back to feeling tired again. Although I think that was because I struggled to get to sleep last night. Hubby was, erm, pestering me but I held my ground and eventually he went to sleep and I stayed awake and alert like a rabbit out needing to check for predators. Which is funny…

I’m loving the new laptop. I ALMOST brought it to work with me so that I could play with it at lunch… but thought better of it. Besides I need to wait until the case and cover arrive for it.

I’m DEFINITELY having an early night tonight. I’m actually going to set my alarm on my phone so that it goes off at 9pm. I’ll go have a bath and then be in bed by 10pm.

20:35. That plan to have an early night went out of the window as the kids are still messing around. I’ve put them back to bed about 3000 times and its getting very annoying. It just wears you down. When you do get down from ANOTHER trip up the stairs to put them into bed, all you can do is flop on the sofa. I’m not even sure I have the energy to write this. I still have to do a load of laundry sorting and folding before I go to bed and if I want to go to bed early still that means I can’t have a bath as I tend to spend about 45 mins in there. Plus 10 to run it. I can’t even have a cup of tea cos we have no tea bags. My lovely hubby has gone out to do a shop. Hence why its me doing all the running up and down stairs. Left Lala (the main culprit of tonight) to cry it out as fed up of her messing around.

If I had any energy or brain function left I would probably have started this blog talking about the weekend and what we got up to. Saturday wasn’t anything special, but Sunday the kids went back to rugby tots and then in the afternoon we took the dogs for a walk in Frensham Pond.

Today was the first proper day back at work for most people which meant that traffic was awful. I dropped Lala at her childminders first – the one that’s had the baby recently. I had put Lala in a very special dress which was actually mine when I was her age – proper vintage. I figured it was her first time meeting the baby and it deserved a special dress. I have a gorgeous photo of her actually HOLDING the baby which actually made me cry seeing it. I’m so proud!!! I didn’t get to meet baby until the evening when I came to pick Lala up and honest to god, I couldn’t put her down. I wanted to run off with her!!! She’s so cute and diddy. I also got a picture of me holding the baby and Lala next to me posing with a smile. I have asked permission to put them up here. If she says yes, I’ll add them. – addendum – I created a whole blog post as I felt it was warranted! (and I got permission) – Here it is: Meeting Baby Tilly.

Some pictures from the weekend:

Rugby Tots
More at Rugby Tots

Give me your iPhone, Mummy (not a frigging chance Larlee)

Nutter dog Tia

Joshua enjoying the “beach”
Kisses from girl

Kisses from boy. I am so blessed!

Tea and bed methinks.

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  1. Ahh looks like a nice weekend out, glad you are managing to stick to your diet, I need to take tips! Mich x

    • Am snacking loads. Don’t know if I’ve actually lost anything yet but we’re definitely eating healthier and thats a good start. See previous posts if you fancy joining in.

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