A question regarding Google Plus

A quick post before I go to bed as I have a bit of a question for the blogging community.

How important is Google Plus? Currently my G+ account isn’t linked to my blog because my blog is on Blogger and linked to my email account. However, I do want to remain relatively anonymous and don’t want it obvious to everyone that looks me up on Google from my email address that this is my blog. How do I have a Google account that is linked to my blog without breaking the link between my own email address/google account and my blogger account?

Previously I did create a separate email account for my blog but got fed up of having to log in and out of google depending if I wanted to access my emails, calendar or my blog.

What do people think is the solution? Any advise most welcome.

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  1. Before you get excited, I will be of no help! I have a google+ account and you can change your google account over to google+ so that your blog is linked to that but as yet, I have chose not to. From what I understand, you can have a separate ‘page’ for your blog on google+, a bit like Facebook but as I found that so confusing to start with, I have just stuck with posting out under my own profile name. Argh, I am clueless about google+!! Anyway, just to say that I love the layout of your blog and the colours and am very impressed by your detox! Looking forward to following your blog in 2013 🙂

  2. As Suzanne says, if you want to remain relatively anonymous then set up a page for your blog. You will still need to set up a profile but you could promote your posts via your page (it’s easy to switch between the two on a desktop). That’s what I do. You can also tick a box in your settings to prevent your profile showing up in search results.

    Also, with Google accounts, I’ve got three and make life easier by using Chrome where you can set up as many accounts as you like and simply switch from one to the other in the same browser window.

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