Detox Day 5

18.04 – I’m glad I started my diet on the 1st of the month. Its so easy to remember what day of the diet it is. I was just about to start this post and was wondering to myself “what day are we on now?” and then I remembered that as its the 5th January, it must be day 5. Go me!

I’m lying in bed with some pillows behind me so I can lie back comfortably. I left hubby downstairs with the kids while they eat dinner. Lala only just woke up from a nap, did a massive poo (actually not THAT massive – she’s a bit bunged up and tends to do smudge poos and then eventually after a lot of straining and crying, does a mahoosive mega-poo). I’m not convinced there isn’t more to come, put it that way. But hubby can deal with that. I’m actually done for the night. He’s been busy with a DIY project – putting a work surface in in the utility room – and while I am glad its getting done, its meant he’s been able to (mainly) focus on a project (that isn’t kid-related) and go back and forth from DIY shops – which I consider to be time-off from the kids (leaving me doing it all all day). He’d probably argue that he’d rather be doing something else. But its not like I’d let him go off windsurfing or golfing for the day so he’d only be here helping with the kids and housework so, yeah, I do consider it to be a break from the kids. Anyway, I’m sure some out there think: “she works full time and she’s STILL complaining about the few hours at the weekend she has to spend looking after her own children”. Yeah, I know. Terrible person. The thing is, I love spending time with them and doing fun things with them but this weather is ‘orrible. We went out and about over the last few weeks over xmas and I figured they’d want a day at home, and a day at home sadly involves a lot of stroppiness, a lot of sibling bickering, the littlest is under the weather so, thankfully, went for a nap earlier, it involves TV that I’m not particularly interested in – although StarWars IS a step up from Mr Tumble I have to say! So while I love my children, I don’t half look forward to 7pm or the time, like now, when I get to have a little bit of down-time.

Leaving the gap above to indicate that I just took a nice break and enjoyed the peace and quiet and lack of children around me. I might just doze off.

I suppose I’d better get on with this post. So, the diets been going well. I wasn’t very well organised yesterday but still managed not to break my diet rules. Today I had my home-made muesli for breakfast, I have snacked on rye bread and houmous (some home-made, and some shop bought that needed using up). I made some oatcakes. They aren’t as nice as the shop-bought ones I think. I reckon the shop bought ones use ground up oatcakes. And they probably add salt and sugar. But these will give me something to snack on to fill me up and not cost me anything (as the ingredients were already in the cupboard). For lunch, hubby made some curried cauliflower veggie thing with rice which was very nice. Apparently we’re having nibbles for dinner. There is some coleslaw in the fridge so I’ll probably have some of that.

I have had some bowel issues since yesterday. Sorry if this is TMI but lets just say things are a bit… er…. loose. I’m not sure if its a bug or if its just my body reacting to the change in diet.

I can hear a child crying downstairs. Its really very distracting. I sometimes wonder if hubby actually pays any attention to the children when he’s “in charge”….. I must stop there cos I don’t want to go in a “aren’t men rubbish” type rant cos they really do have their uses and strong points… I mean, mine cooks and is bloody good at it. I SOOOO can’t wait until their bedtime. All I can hear is Joshua crying and husband shouting at him telling him to shush. Is it just me that has the tendency to automatically assume, not that Joshua is being a little shit (like he is to me often), but that husband is just not handling things well enough. I remember those feelings much more when the kids were babies. Not so much now but it still rears its head now and again. I think “oh why can’t you do it like this…” or “you should talk to him like that”. I think its probably only natural as we as parents have different attitudes and values and ways of doing things. But it doesn’t really help matters. Although having said that, I can hear husband banging things, which means he’s still trying to finish DIY job instead of focusing on the children. With the little one ill and the older one… well, just being a shit, no wonder they are baying for his attention. I do wonder sometimes…. put down the hammer and look after your kids! Sorry hubs if you’re reading this. I know, I shouldn’t complain. I’m in bed with my new laptop relaxing (as much as you can relax with screaming, shouting and banging going on in the floor below). I love you lots and think you’re a wonderful dad. There. Out of trouble. Tee hee.

23:11. Had intended to post this earlier but we had a friend come over and so I didn’t get time (I thought I might write some more but now its too late and I’m too tired). So I will say farewell my friends, until… tomorrow probably as I appear to be a bit addicted to this blogging mallarcky. 

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