Detox Diet – Day 2 (aka headache central and pregnant looking stomach)

This is what I’ve eaten & drunk today

    •    Muesli
    •    Grapes
    •    Banana
    •    Nuts
    •    Oatcakes
    •    Stirfried Vegetables
    •    Lentil thingy
    •    Coleslaw
    •    Sprouts with cashew nuts stirfried
    •    Boiled new potatoes
    •    Rice
    •    3 cups of weak Earl Grey (not finished any of them) during day
    •    Another 3 cups since I got home
    •    3 x 500ml bottle of water (aim is 4 bottles or 2 litres)

2.30pm. Feeling quite headachy. Not helped by the fact that I have had some childcare issues to sort out today and some potential headache-inducing row occuring on the horrizon. See I can’t even spell or wirte properly today! My head feels fuzzy. My eyes hurt. This can’t all be from lack of junk food and coffee? Can it?

2.54pm. All I can think is “I need a glass of wine”. I know I wouldn’t normally have a glass of wine at 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon at work but I can’t have it. I can’t have coffee. I am starting to realise that this wasn’t going to be easy. I ache. Is it all psychosomatic? My boob is actually aching! My head hurts. God I sound like a moaner, don’t I? Urgh. I will do this though. I am not giving up. Body, you and I need to have a little talk. You don’t need this crap. Its just making you ill. Have a nice apple instead!! Urgh. Tried apple. Looked fine but had a funny taste. It was one that had been hanging around my kitchen for a while but looked ok. Guess not.

3.16pm. Taken some pills for my headache. Know I should have probably tried to cope without but I am not sure I could carry on. Not unless I was able to just go to bed and climb under the soft clean covers….. hmmmm drifting off now thinking of my bed – incidentally we changed (actually when I say “we” I mean “I”) the sheets last night. They had just got to the point where another day and I’d not have been able to get out of them. I’d have been stuck in. Yuck. Why do I let them get this bad? I don’t know. Laziness I guess.

4.24pm. I’m on my 3rd bottle of water. I should drink 1.5 to 2 litres per day so I need to drink 3 to 4 of these bottles that we have at work (500ml bottles). I will try to drink this one in the next half hour before I leave and then take a 4th with me to finish off during the evening. I’ve been to the loo about 8 times. Hopefully I’ll start to feel smaller at some point.

9.47pm. I’m home. Obviously, as its nearly 10pm. I’m slightly worried as my stomach looks like I’m pregnant. I very much doubt I am. I had a period recently (sorry if anyone gets grossed out by the mention of that word – well, you never know, some people are funny about mentioning bodily functions…) and I’m on the pill and I haven’t even been the tiniest bit lazy about forgetting to take it or even taking it late. But these things can happen can’t they? You can have a period and then find out later that you’re pregnant. I’m probably just a bit fat from all the food at Christmas. Being silly really.

Dinner tonight. I don’t know how good you think it looks but it tasted yummy!

Anyway, dinner was very nice. I feel sodding awful. I’ve had a headache nearly all day. My eyes hurt and I’m SOOO tired. I’m going to bed now. I have decided very steadfastly (is that the right word? Oh well, I like it and I want to put it there) that I am not worrying about the state of the house tonight. Well, you can’t conquer every battle in one day, can you? I’m doing a pretty HUGE thing giving up alcohol, coffee, meat, bread, and dairy. Oh and ciggies but I only ever smoke when I’m having a drink (and not all the time) so that’s not such a big issue.

I can’t think of anything else decent to say so am going to leave it at that. Goodnight lovely people. Oh and thank you so much for reading my blog. I don’t know why anyone would want to but I love writing it! Feel free to comment. I love those comments. Actually, it makes my heart do a little jump when I get an email saying that I’ve got a comment. Is that sad?


7 Thoughts on “Detox Diet – Day 2 (aka headache central and pregnant looking stomach)

  1. I feel the same as you about comments, I guess it might be a little sad! Sorry to hear you’re feeling rough, hope it doesn’t last long, you’re doing fine xx

  2. Hi I’m your latest blog follower pls feel free to have a follow and nosy at mine
    …love the detox diet..fab ideas …thanks

  3. ooh I have done detox’s before and I had a headache for the first few days. Hopefully it will pass soon, your dinner looks quite following your blog, I will look forward to reading more posts xx

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