Detox Day 1 (of 28)

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OK, so yesterday was lovely. Hubby and I went to Franky & Benny’s for lunch after dropping the kids round my parents house and then we went to the cinema to watch the Hobbit. I loved it. Was really good. When we got back we both felt quite tired so had tea and then shared a bottle of fizz together and watched some TV and then near to midnight we watched the countdown and the fireworks (which seemed to go on for half an hour in themselves). Then went to bed. Erhem… .then went to sleep. After a bit. Cough cough. Well, no kids in the house, may as well I suppose! hehe.

This morning, as we hadn’t drunk much at all we were hangover free. So we decided may as well start the detox today rather than leaving it till the 2nd which I would have done if I’d been hungover. So, we had a bit of a lie-in and then went to pick the kids up from my parents. After that, we went straight to the supermarket and spent about £80 on food. Mostly fruit & vegetables, nuts, oats, oat cakes, rice cakes, rye bread, extra virgin olive oil & some other nice oils for salad – walnut & also a small extra virgin flavoured with chillis. The hardest part, apart from trying to keep the kids entertained the whole way round, was to get past Starbucks on the way out. I actually said out loud as we were walking past “I do not need a Starbucks. I do not need a starbucks”. lol.

On the way home hubby jumped out at the Indian shop (no idea what the politically correct name for that type of shop is). They sell spices and lentils and things by the massive bag load. There is also a kosher butchers attached. Is great for all the supplies you need to make curries. And particularly good for this detox as the supermarket had very small bags of things like chickpeas, at quite high prices… where as this place was super cheap for massive bags.

We got home and I started unloading it all into the hallway and cleaning madly. I refuse to start the new year living happily in a tip. Although I do want to be realistic. I am intending to take on a new area every day. To try to get it under control. Even if its only half an hour a day. When I got home, we had a mad tidy of the kitchen and swept and mopped the kitchen floor before hubby’s sister and family came over. After they went I carried on. Cleaned out the bottom drawers of the fridge – where the veg and salad goes. Organised the new veg to go in there, using plastic containers so it all looked lovely and organised. There was so much stuff that I had to clean off another shelf to use that as an overflow for veg. We are going to be eating so much vegetable matter in the next week!!! I’m feeling tired just thinking about it. I haven’t even figured out where we’re going to put all the lentils and chickpeas!!! Oh and the nuts. Oh and I made up some muesli using oats and nuts. I had a little taste of it too. It was yummy!

So the kitchen is more or less under control – although we still need to finish putting stuff away. I will do that tonight once the kids are in bed. The fridge is getting there. Its not completely done as the top 3 shelves need cleaning down but I’ll do that another day.

I should probably explain what diet I’m doing and why (in more detail than my previous post). I’m following the diet from Carol Vorderman’s Detox for Life: The 28 Day Detox Diet and Beyond, which I downloaded on my kindle app on my iPhone. I had intended to cut out alcohol anyway, in January, but I figured why not just go the whole hog and cut out crap loads of stuff that’s bad for me and see if I start to feel any better. This is the list of what to eat and what to avoid:

So far today I had (I won’t split up into meals as I kind of haven’t stopped nibbling all day):

  • A bite of rye bread as we were leaving the supermarket (I hadn’t had breakfast yet as we didn’t have anything suitable this morning)
  • Some grapes
  • Some more rye bread (finished off the slice I had nibbled earlier and ate another one toasted)
  • A small glass of fruit smoothie
  • Some pistachio nuts (they were reduced in the Supermarket so we bought a load)
  • Some home made coleslaw (without mayonaise) and about 4 new potatoes (this was kind of lunch)
  • Small bowl of my muesli to check how it tasted
  • Several cups of tea (now, I’m not giving up my Earl Grey tea as it does say that if you drink a lot of tea and coffee you shouldn’t cut it all out immediately so I am giving up my lattes but not my earl grey). For now. I may try to give up in week 2. 

Here are some pics of my purchases:

Veg that wouldn’t fit in the bottom 2 trays
Salad, and saladdy type food
Potatoes (we have a LOT), parsnips & carrots
Some juice we already had for kids but I got tom juice for Lala’s constipation & goats milk and smoothie for me
Nuts & seeds
Homemade coleslaw

How I’m feeling at (nearly) the end of day 1

  • A little tired
  • A little headachy
  • Slight tummy ache – not sure if its cos I’ve eaten too much or not enough (must get more in tuned with my body!!!)
  • Dehydrated (forgot to drink water. supposed to be drinking about 8 glasses a day)
  • Cold – heating been on all day but still feel cold. Whacked heating on permanent for the evening and going to have a nice steaming bath (hopefully if the boiler plays the game)

What I need to do once guest has gone (inpromtu visitor & his 4 year old daughter – happy with visit though as not seen in ages)

  • Hit dog for barking when I’m trying to write blog post (after putting girl to bed)
  • Hit husband for not shutting dog up (too busy chatting)
  • Put rest of food away and clean down surfaces again
  • Sort out lunch & breakfast for tomorrow & snacks

Posting now but may add more later if have time – and tick things off as I do them.

19:15 – have since had 2 glasses of water and 3 oatcakes. I also feel cold. Will add that to list above

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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