Back to work, forgot handbag, not getting house….

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I’m back at work today. So not in the mood at all, although it was nice to get out of the house. Hubby is at home with the kids again. I think he got a raw deal this Christmas! lol. He decided to take “time off” and got lumbered looking after the kids (his kids, so guess he should just lump it). It has made me giggle a bit though when I was hiding in my office working (I was allowed to work from home over the Christmas week) that he got a bit of a flavour as to why I used to pull my hair out on the days when I was at home with them when I was working full time.

I’m rather disappointed to find out that today is apparently not a half day like Christmas Eve was. But I think I’ll go home and work from home at about midday (ie make sure I am logged onto the chat thing and check the emails every so often).

My parents are back from their cruise that they went on over Christmas. We saw them on Saturday at my sister’s house. We took the kids with us and just put them to bed on my sister’s spare bed. They were really good. Lala, bless her, went to bed about 6.30pm, while Joshua stayed up until gone 9pm, but he was very good. We didn’t make a fuss as to be honest I don’t think its fair. It was the first time he’d seen his Granny & Grandad in a few weeks and same for my sister and her husband. He was such a sweet boy the entire evening. I almost wish we could always be visiting someone. No fighting, no crying, no wetting himself (he only does that at home). He also said some really funny things. We were talking about who he would marry when he got older. Expecting him to say something like a girl from nursery or maybe even Mummy (cos they don’t really understand the concept at 4) and he said he wanted to marry Daddy. LOL. It would kind of make sense though. He does love dressing up in girls clothes and wearing Mummy’s makeup. As hubby said, as long as we get some Grandkids we don’t care who he marries (man or woman). The other funny thing he said was “Growing up is hard”. We all laughed. Out of the mouths of babes. Isn’t it just!!!!

I’m going to go down to the Starbucks at the other end of the building now and get myself a latte. Back in a minute…….

Am back. Look what I got:

Just couldn’t resist really. I forgot my handbag this morning. I’m so out of practice of going into work that I had my laptop bag (the one I really really need) and forgot my handbag which has my purse and therefore my money. However, I put an email out to anyone that might be in the building to ask if I could borrow a couple of quid, and someone came back – in fact quite a few people came back. I was very impressed. I also found a pound coin in my coat so that was good. Meant I could afford to buy the chocky croissant.

So my parents are having the kids from this afternoon until tomorrow morning. On New Years Eve. Can you believe it? This all came about because I had asked them if they could have them on Wednesday as they seemed pretty keen to have them (not seen them in a while – that’ll soon wear off lol) and my sister in law who is now working as our childminder has been ill all Christmas. However, yesterday she (the SIL) rang me and said she is on the mend (she’s had a seriously nasty bout of flu which turned into a head cold) and she’d like to have them on Wednesday. So I told my parents they weren’t needed. They actually sounded quite disappointed!!! Anyway, so yesterday afternoon we had been having a discussion about this house that we want to buy and we have both come to the conclusion that maybe its not the right house or time for us. Which is extremely disappointing for both of us as we both want to move. A fresh start, neighbours who don’t bang on the wall just because your toddler is crying. However, the more we both thought about it, the more we were having second thoughts…. I’ll carry on with this in a minute.

So we were talking about it and my parents rang about something to do with my dad’s phone. I solved it by telling him to shut it down and restart it. That worked. It suddenly dawned on me that maybe we could have a bit of a break as we really feel like we need it. And they HAD said to let them know when they want the kids. So I asked if they would have them the next afternoon (this afternoon now) and they said yes, and they kind of suggested that they could perhaps have them over night too. Which was just amazing. The relief I felt at the idea of having some time off. I know I’ve been at home working but its not the same as being off work and being able to sort the house out without having sticky little fingers undo all the hard work you have just done.

So anyway, back to the house. The main reason we think it is not going to work is the internet situation. My husband works from home and really needs to have internet access. I also intend to find a job one day where I can work from home. So to have a house where we are going to get extremely bad to no internet connection is just not an option. Also the house is not on mains sewerage or gas supply. Also it is right next door to a pub. Its not actually attached as its a detached house (YAY!) but it is very close. Now while this wouldn’t ordinarily be a problem but having been there a few times (lovely landlady, lovely people) its a metallers, biker type pub. I have no problem with that fact. Its just the fact that they have metally type live music on a regular basis. I guess I wouldn’t be worried about less noisy music maybe. But by the sounds of it it can get quite loud. Now I love live music but I really don’t like thrash metal and if I can’t even escape the house to actually enjoy the music properly then what is the point! So I’ve really been having second thoughts about that. So we have decided to withdraw our offer, tell the people that want to do a survey on our house (and yet have not made an offer yet) that we are taking our house off the market. I feel quite depressed about the whole thing. We have decided that we are not going to look for another house. We are just going to stay put until after September when Joshua goes to school. Save up, pay off debts, then when we are ready again maybe we might be able to afford the big house with big rooms AND decent location WITHOUT the sewerage/gas/pub issues. I was SO sure that this house was meant for us though. I feel so disappointed.

I’m feeling decidedly glum. I feel like I want to go out and buy myself lots of things to make myself feel better. Sadly I forgot my handbag today. So that’s not going to happen. I was actually thinking of going to the Apple store in Basingstoke to go buy myself the Apple laptop (Macbook Air) that I have been hankering after for so long. I get like this when I’m down. Just want to go buy lots of things. It makes me feel better if only for a while.

I will leave you with a photo of my Dad with the two kiddies round my sister’s house.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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