Christmas day, Boxing day and 27th….and the rest

Am going to start writing this now (12pm on Boxing day) but I will probably have to come back later and finish it so will do what I can. As I type, hubby is reading the kids a story that they got for Christmas while I’m downloading the first 3 Starwars films. They’ve already watched the original 2. I’ve just downloading the Return of the Jedi and the new 3 so we’re going to go down and carry on watching them.

Yesterday was fab. Not your typical Christmas day (if you believe that the adverts by M&S and Asda are typical). We opened the kids stockings with them first thing, then went down for breakfast which was mostly made up of chocolate and did more present opening. We all stayed in our PJs all day. Nanny & Grandpa (hubby’s parents) came round at 10am and stayed for a glass of bubbly and we opened their presents. Then they went and the kids had lunch (nuggets and chips – this is what they asked for as its their very favourite thing – hubby bought the most expensive nuggets and curly slightly spiced fries) and we sat down and snacked on cheese and crackers at the kitchen table with them. Oh and they opened crackers too. They love crackers.

Now sat on sofa (12.53pm Boxing day) watching the first Star Wars movie (the first one with Ewan McGregor – yum!).

So after lunch of cheese, and a few glasses of bubbly I came over all knackered. It might have been due to a late-ish night (we went out to the pub) so I had a bit of a nap but not much of one as everytime I seemed to drift off, I got woken up by a child or hubby asking me for something. Still, can’t complain. I think it was just the stress of new job, all that commuting, everything just compounded at the one day I managed to be able to relax. This is exactly what happened when I had a girls weekend away. They all lived it up drinking tonnes and I just went to bed for the whole weekend.

We didn’t eat OUR Christmas dinner until after the kids were in bed and it took a lot longer than hubby thought (he does pretty much all the cooking in our house) and we didn’t eat until about 9.45pm. We had our pudding before our dinner – we had it before the kids went to bed. Sticky Toffee Pudding. My mum’s recipe. It was lovely.


I’m so rubbish. I never got around to finishing this yesterday. So, summary. Xmas day: movies, cheese for us, nuggets and chips for kids, Sticky toffee pudding, followed by roast beef for us in the evening.


Boxing day was another lazy day. Movies and snacks all day.


Today I’m working from home. There isn’t much to do to be honest but its a great excuse to have a bit of peace and quiet. Am currently running a bath which I’m going to have (I like my baths mega-hot) and then will have some kiddy time while hubby gets in the bath.

I’m very much looking forward to the post. I’m hoping my pandora beads will come. I ordered them yesterday and according to the DHL site they are out for delivery today. I also ordered a load of clothes off Redoute (and also bought myself a few things in Sainsburies this morning when I nipped out to get myself a Starbucks latte). So soon I should not be complaining about not having any clothes to wear (that fit me).

I’m getting a personal trainer in the new year. So hoping he will help me to get motivated to get fit and lose some weight. Will need it after all the crap I’ve eaten this holiday.

Have also decided (hope I don’t regret telling you this) that I am going to give up alcohol for January. I did it once four years ago (actually 5 I guess as it was just before I got pregnant with Joshua) and it made me feel quite good. I feel the need for a purge. Oh, talking of purges, yesterday I also found some time to go through my wardrobe. I moved all my fancy dresses (ball dresses, cocktail dresses, party dresses) to the spare bedroom wardrobe. I don’t need them taking up space when I only ever wear them once in a blue moon. I also took out anything that I knew didn’t fit me, tried on anything that I wasn’t sure about and also took out anything that was too summery. No point having my wardrobe full of strappy summer dresses when all it does is rain. I pulled out all my tops from the cupboard and hung up any nice ones and also jumpers. I know some people may think its silly to hang up jumpers but I want to be able to see at a glass what my options are to wear for work in the morning when I want to get ready. So in one side of the wardrobe I have my shoes (on one of those hangy canvas shelf things) and trousers, skirts and dresses (work type dresses). On the other side (which is shared between myself and hubby (he has the bottom rail and I have the top one)) I have put all my tops, cardigans, jumpers and at the end at the back (cos I don’t wear them very often) suits. I’m very pleased about how this looks. I will try to load a few pics on here later.

Am going to publish this now as its getting silly. Its now the 28th. I’ve been a bit distracted as have found a rather addictive game online called Cultures. 

Stockings mostly unopened

One VERY happy boy
Opening her first Christmas present
My beautiful charm bracelet
Christmas lunch
Light saver battles (they call them light savers, not sabres)

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