Tag, you’re it…. A Christmas Meme (sorry its late)

I have been tagged by Happiness is Homemade in her post. Sorry I’m late in doing this. I’ve not been feeling amazingly Christmassy to be honest. We’ve been waiting to receive an offer on our house and its been taking ages and so I’ve been thinking that there would be a tiny chance that we would move before xmas. Stupid idea really. Well, a few weeks ago I guess it could have been a possibility but now is looking less and less likely that we’ll be moving at all let alone before Xmas.

So, here is my take on the Christmas Meme (what is a Meme? Can someone tell me?).

1. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

This UNDOUBTEDLY has to be the excitement of my kids. As I grown up I’ve got less and less keen on Christmas. In fact before I had my kids I was even starting to get to the point that I’d get depressed at Christmas. I never felt like I bought good enough presents or spent enough (maybe I didn’t but what is the point in bankrupting yourself for one day). I would often request something from my husband that I would get before the day so would get very disappointed about the lack of actual presents on the day. I guess when I was a kid all our presents seemed pretty amazing. Then something happened. My parents seem to have continued in the theme of buying large numbers of gifts but they are often (please don’t think me ungrateful here) but they would often be silly jokey or ornamental gifts or things that maybe THEY would like. I hate that. Although I do sometimes do it myself. I think: how could they NOT like that gift. I love it. I have to catch myself out sometimes. Anyway, now I have kids of my own, Christmas is about them. Not me. Although I have learnt from my own past behaviours and started requesting an actual physical gift from my husband and even if I know what it is he still has to wrap it up and present it to me on Christmas day. I still have a child within that I need to keep happy!!!

2. What is your favourite makeup look for the season?

I don’t really bother with makeup massively. I do love makeup and love to collect it and play with it but I am rather lazy when it comes to day to day wearing of it. I wear the same eyeshadows all the time. Pale shell colour and a brown (dark sparkly type if going out and more matt lighter brown for daytime) – assuming I can be bothered. I would like to think that for a Christmas event I would get some glitter and glam it up a bit but I seem to have cleared out a lot of my old sparkley makeup. Maybe its time to go shopping!!!

3. Real or fake tree?

Ah. I was actually going to talk about this issue in a blog but you have saved me from bothering. I was actually thinking about this a few weeks ago. Quite a lot of people I know have a ritual of going to pick out a (real) tree with their families. We have had a massive fake tree which we have had for years. Its huge and really realistic. This year I thought, maybe for the sake of the kids we should start a tradition like those other people where we take the kids to pick a tree. I mentioned this to Joshua and he said “but mummy isn’t our tree in the loft”. Gotta love kids. So I decided… what is wrong with our tradition of bringing the tree down from the loft. My son (and daughter when a bit older) can remember one of us ushering it down and the other one heaving it onto the stairs and then guiding it while it slides down the stairs. Nothing wrong with that tradition, is there? And its a lot easier. And less messy.

4. Giving or receiving presents?

Erm. Giving. Of course. Only kidding. I’d be lying if I said I preferred giving over receiving. I do love to see the kids open their presents and I like it when I have picked something special for a loved one but I am often wracking myself with guilt that I didn’t spend enough money, they wanted something else, I didn’t spend enough money….. So yeah, receiving is much better. I love having new stuff. Shopaholic side coming out here!

5. What is your favourite Christmas film?

I think this is going to have to be Santa Claus the Movie. I love the way the movie depicts the changing of toys over the years from the hand crafted lovingly made wooden gifts to the plastic crap of the 80’s. I thought Santa was brilliant and I LOVED Dudley Moore as the elf. Oh and you can’t forget the guy that plays the bad guy. Although I HAVE forgotten his name. Doh. I am hungover you know.

6. What is your favourite Christmas food?

Horribly predictable but it has to be chocolate. Guilt-free chocolate (cos everyone knows chocolate calories on xmas day don’t count) by the shed load. I will have a box or two of Guylian sea shells. Oh and cheese. A big cheese and biscuit plate. And bubbly and wine. Yay. So glad we’re not going anywhere this christmas.

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  1. ha ha love that you tagged me and I didn’t know!!! Should have sent me a tweet then I would have known!!!! Hope you had a wicked time xxx

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