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Right, very quick one as I want to go to bed. Heavy weekend its been.

Anyway, so I was reading one of my favourite blogs – Blogging With Amy – which is an invaluable source of information if, like me, you are new to blogging or you just want some tips along the way.

And I came across a recent post of hers called Why You Should Be Part of a Mastermind Group and also A Simple Way to Run a Mastermind Group. WTF is a Mastermind Group I thought? In fact, I almost didn’t read it as I thought it couldn’t be useful – sounded like something for clever people!!!??? But I had no other blog posts to read in my RSS app on my iPhone so I opened it up to have a quick peruse.

This is my interpretation of it.

A Mastermind Group is a group of likeminded bloggers (the purpose can by anything but in this case I want to set it up for blogger support). I have started to make some really good connections through blogs and Twitter but it still feels a bit like shouting in a stadium full of people (forget the room) its more like a festival! And I saw this post about Mastermind Groups and I thought. Hey, that could be really useful. A group of probably no more than 5 like-minded bloggers – I have picked bloggers that are mummy bloggers like me…. mostly newish to the blogging game. Although probably good to add a couple of seasoned bloggers to the mix for a bit of experience. So we can all suck you like a vampire. haha. Only kidding.

So, back to the general idea (I do have a tendency to ramble, don’t i). So, its a group of likeminded bloggers (max 5 probably) that would like to meet up (skype probably – call or chat – whatever is most comfortable for everyone) once a week. I reckon an hour once a week. Depending on schedules. Not compulsory. Want this to be fun and useful for all involved.

So, what thinks you all? I must go now as I need to make tea and go to bed as I’m still feeling decidedly wooly from my hangover!

5 Thoughts on “Blogging Mastermind Group

  1. Love this idea. Can’t promise I’ll be able to spare an hour a week as I’m currently working on a 3 month old’s schedule but will do my best to fit in with y’all! I’m reading and typing during the catch up of Homeland. Little Missy had other plans for me at 9pm. Enjoy your tea and bed x

  2. It sounds like a good idea, although not for me – 1\0 I dont have skype, 2) Although I’m a mum all my kids are adults now, 3) Already spend way too much time just reading blogs and GB. But go on, give it a go, I’m sure you’ll find takers

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