Quote from my SIL

This made me giggle and it just occured to me to post it on my blog.

My sister in law is looking after my little girl today. In fact she is now my new childminder (well, number 3 as CM2 is keeping Mondays for a bit until she has her baby). Anyway, she was telling me how she was trying to teach my daughter how to say “Aunty xxxxx” as she calls her “Mum”. She calls CM2 Mum too. I’m “Mummy” but I think she just copies the other kids and doesn’t get why she’s “mum” to them and something else to her.

Anyway, so her text a little while ago said:

“Trying to teach her to call me Aunty xxxx (add name), got enough people calling me mum already” (she has 4 kids of her own)

Then her next text says:

“Starting to wonder if “mum” means “lady who can reach the biscuit tin”!!”

I had an out loud giggle and turned around to share with colleague J (who didn’t respond and turned out I was talking to someone with earphones in – harrumph). In fact I giggled again as I typed this. So funny! Lady who can reach biscuit tin. Wonder if they’ll put that in the Toddler Oxford Dictionary if they ever make one.

Ooooh topic of new potential blog post – “Toddler Oxford Dictionary in draft”. Watch this space!

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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