Nails, party etc

I’m at work. I just shared my blog link with a girl at work. So she will be reading this at some point.

I will call her Y. She is lovely. Dark hair (of Asian origin – what is the politically correct way of saying that. I think that’s okay). Very pretty. Very slim and petite (grrrr feel fat next to her!!!!). Asked her yesterday (perhaps for second time as I may have mentioned it before) if her and her other (young interny colleagues – guys) were going to the Christmas party as my 2 colleagues are not going. She said yes. I explained how my friend (will call her E) is coming to meet me and I was going to get ready here in the office. She then VERY KINDLY offered that I come back with them and get ready at their house after work. Was SO pleased at this kind offer as its so nice to make friends in the office. Our little team is not the most chatty (ie me and my 2 colleagues) and they don’t really mix particularly with other areas of the business and these guys (N and her colleagues) sit in the same area as us and I can’t say I’ve ever notice J or F (my colleagues) speak to them.

Anyway, enough of that. I’m SOOOO looking forward to this Christmas party. Which is a bit sad as technically its only a works christmas party, but I’ve felt so much more positive about things since I started working here. Hate the commute and everything but I like it here. I like the fact that you can get away with dressing casual, that I can now (with permission from new boss) work from home, the fact that there is a STARBUCKS in the office. LOVE that fact. And I feeling generally positive about my new start having come from a fairly depressing situation in my last company (was made redundant but had been there for 5 years and was pretty much fed up of that place after about 6 months!).

So back to my preparations for the Christmas party. I splurged a bit yesterday when I went to the shops again (to buy healthy food) instead of going to the gym – what’s the point of going to the gym when it won’t count towards my new Weight Watchers week which starts today. So, splurging… I bought myself some fake lashes and fake pink nails. Am going to apply them at lunchtime (which incidentally is now – as I got distracted by some work for a bit (started writing this half an hour ago). I have my suitcase under my desk which I brought into the office yesterday so I didn’t have to bring it on the train today. And after work I will be walking back with Y’s flatmate. 20 mins or so walk. Glad I wore comfy shoes and that my bag is a wheelie case!!! I’m also in the office tomorrow so will leave my laptop here. One less thing to carry!

I have just done my nails at my desk. The stickon type. They cost a fiver. And I think they look as good as if I’d had them done in the salon. Now I can’t tuype properly (see what I mean!!!).

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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