3rd birthday party

My god its hot in this office. Had a brilliant day today in the end. But guess I should start with last night.

Went out to dinner with a friend last night and 3 of her friends, 2 of whom I’d never met before but who are both very nice. The other friend I met at a previous dinner out with this friend who I’ve known since I was at 6th Form College. Anyway, lets say my friend is called L and the friend of hers that I met previously is M. L is an absolutely lovely caring person. She invited me to a party to celebrate her graduation I think it was and at that party/dinner, I hit it off with M. She is bubbly and funny and has two small kids like me. I don’t get to see her very often nowadays as I’m working full time (nor do I get to see L much either) but I’m so glad I made the effort to go as it was a right giggle. L picked me up and dropped me back so I was able to have a few glasses of wine and let my hair down.

I got back around 10.45pm and pretty much went straight to bed. Hubby was watching something that I wasn’t really interested in and I was quite knackered to be honest. Hubs came up just before 12 and we went to sleep. Joshua crawled into bed with us at some point in the morning and I was too tired (and maybe drunk to care – and who doesn’t like snuggles) and then at 7.30am Lala came and found us. Hubby got up at that point and put the telly on for her and gave her the iPad and she played quite happily for half an hour or so. Then Josh woke up and hubby got up with them and gave them brekky.

I had such a lovely lie in. Often if I’ve had too much to drink I can’t sleep but maybe it was that I had a nice cup of tea before bed or that when Josh got into bed with us I went to find my water bottle (which always seems to end up in the kids room). But I slept really well and didn’t feel too bad when I was woken up later. My sister was due to come over to drop off some handmade chocolates she had made for me to give to my childminders. I thought it would be a nice touch – them being hand made – even if not by me. So I was called to get up cos my sister was there. After she left I decided to ring my mum. I’d had a bit of a text row with her last night and I won’t go into the wheres and whys because really its all down to misunderstanding. I love my mum and I didn’t want to hurt her so I rang and made up with her. Later on I got the kids to record a video for her to thank her for the bunk beds that they bought her. Here is the video. I’ve spent ages messing around with my YouTube account trying to sort this out!!! Grrrrr

So this morning, got up, saw my sister (still in my jimjams as literally had to jump out of bed to see her). Gave her money for my chocs. Said goodbye. Rang my mum, made up. Then chilled with the kids for a bit. We ended up watching StarWars. And my son, who HATES watching anything other than cBeebies or Nick Junior, and thinks that the Gruffalo is scary, eventually started enjoying it. Well, I say eventually. It was only after about 5 or 10 minutes but 5 or 10 mins of a 4 year old screeching at you to TURN IT OFF can seem a lot longer.

Had a really nice lazy sunday morning. Lala went for a sleep but didn’t ACTUALLY go to sleep. Then it was time to get ready for the 3rd birthday party we had been invited to. We were going to leave Lala at home because she has not been 100% and I thought it might be too much for her but I’m SOOOOO glad I took her. We got there and they had a lady up the top of the house – in the converted loft. Massive beautiful house in the expensive area – bankers or something (making horrible judgements about seemingly very nice people – well, we all do it don’t we!?). This entertainer was brilliant. She had them all jumping up and down and dancing and playing games. My son wasn’t sure at first but Lala joined in right away. She LOVED it!

All ready to go – she even managed to keep her hair clips in for 15 minutes after arriving!

Getting all involved in the waving and clapping


Sleep time!

I’d like a woman like that entertainer woman to live in my house all day long and entertain the kids for me. Not that I am even there as I work full time. But wouldn’t that be fun? Actually it would probably end up a bit tiring. Nothing like settling down in front of the TV after a busy day of jumping and clapping and dancing and running around.

Honestly it was so sweet.

Gonna sign off now as I think I need to make the most of the fact that its Sunday night and its going to be Monday tomorrow. Sigh. Another week. Another 5 days of commuting. Actually 4 as I’m working from home Friday as its my son’s nativity thingy.

See you all later. xxxx

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  1. They are so cute! Enjoy your night. šŸ™‚

  2. Thank you xxxxx Off to bed in a minute if I can prise myself out of bath and away from blog-reading

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