Kiddie xmas cards and Peppa Pig santa’s grotto

Sigh. What a day. Hubby is downstairs now sorting their dinner out. He’s been busy doing his brewing stuff (bottling a previous brew – beer, that is, not some stuff in a witches couldron. That would be more likely to be me – well, maybe a few years ago).

I’m hiding in my office again.

Have been busy entertaining the kids. TV has not been on hardly at all since hubby got back with Joshua. He went out to do his brew stuff in the garage pretty much straight away and Joshua wanted to do sticking letters (these foam letters we bought ages ago) to paper. He wanted to spell stuff. So I helped him find the right letters (he didn’t always put them in the right order. For instance, he wanted to write “Cookie Brown Bear” which is the name of his favourite (of the moment) teddy. He got as far as Cookie. But spelled it backwards and back to front. So it looked like IEKOOC. But with the C facing the wrong way. And he seemed to get bored after that so we didn’t spell the “Brown” and the “Bear”.

Then we decided to do the little christmas cards for his friends at nursery (two different nurseries so two different sets of cards). I wrote them and he chose them. I also have some stickers with our name and address and phone number/email address on them that I had printed last year so we stuck some of them on the back of each card. Then Lala woke up and came down and started interfering with the card writing process bless her so I tried to get her out of the way without making her cry (failed) – and she’d done a poo so got hubs out of garage to do it (sorry, wasn’t in the mood for poo).

While that was going on (at the same time as trying to do xmas cards for Joshua’s friends) I was trying to put together the Peppa Pig Santa’s Grotto from the Peppa Pig magazine that hubby bought her earlier (on my instruction). Thought it might cheer her up. Although maybe its the same one that childminder bought her on Friday so maybe it wasn’t such a big deal for her. But she seemed to like the stickers. So finally got that little grotto up. Actually, I tell a lie. Hubby finished it off.

Lala has been really out of sorts today. She’s still poorly bless her. And she STILL won’t take her antibiotics off me. I have to put it in milk for her to drink. Seems to do the trick and even if she doesn’t have all of it, at least I know she’s had SOME of it. Which is better than none.

I’m going out tonight. While I don’t 100% feel like going out, I am kind of looking forward to it as a) I get to get out of bedtime ALTOGETHER. As I’m being picked up by my friend at 7pm which means I’ll have to be getting ready from 6pm onwards making myself look vaguely presentable and then am being dropped back. She’s not drinking so she is giving me a lift. Pretty happy about that. Will let my hair down and relax. Should be fun.

Wonder how much longer I can get away….. spoke too soon. Being told to come down.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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