Doggies & pickled onions

Was going to give blogging a miss tonight but as I’m here, sat on the sofa watching a new drama called The Fear. Having a whiskey.

Kids were funny tonight. Before bed they were running around (crawling technically) on all fours pretending to be doggies. Joshua was doing it and so Lala copied him and they were both going “woof woof” and I was patting them and stroking them on the head and rubbing their tummies like little doggies.

Oh, Joshua has made the Grandads jars of pickled onions. Well, I say he made them. He helped daddy make them. Daddy needed to do some more this evening too but Joshua wasn’t interested so he got Lala to help.

Then they spent an hour and 15 minutes after hubby put them in bed climbing up to the top bunk, then climbing down again. And Joshua was in bed in the top bunk playing with Lala’s hair clips I bought her. He loves hair clips. He’d make SUCH a cute little girl…. one for Daddy’s wedding speech:

Am working from home tomorrow as I get my new car at lunchtime. Woo hoo. On both counts. Yay to cheaper fuel. New car. Shiny car. Car with iphone pluggy-inny-thing. Working from home – yay: no rushing around getting ready. No hour long commute. Hello, working in jimjams, working on sofa or in bed. Peace and quiet of house sans kids. TV on in background. Bliss.

Right, is 10 past 11. Bedtime. Just been to settle the coughy-coughy girl.

Night all.

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