Day spent with poorly girl. General ramblings really

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Is 1810. Have just put girl baby to bed. Gave her a bath just before bed and she loved it. Actually wasn’t too keen when I first put her in but after she got used to it and sat down she started playing with toys. But then she started shivering and even though she told me she didn’t want to come out I had to get her out as she’s poorly and I didn’t want it getting worse (she did need a bath though – she’d had sick and snot and allsorts in her hair and down her) – she started crying when I got her out and was shivering and saying Mummy in the cutest neediest little baby way (she’s 2 years and 3 months old but she’s still my baby to me). She’s now in bed. Seems quite happy to be in bed even though she’s been coughing her guts up again. Not good. Poor thing.

Not sure about whether I’ll need to stay home again tomorrow. She’d be at the childminders just for the morning and then at hubby’s parents with the boy for the rest of the afternoon. I guess I don’t feel too bad if I have to go to work. Although the childminder that she would have been with today is just as lovely to her but I just felt she needed mummy time and she had such an awful night’s sleep (as did I) that I didn’t want to be rushing her out of the door. As it was, I really enjoyed our little girls only day.

I took her to the doctors this afternoon who said she definitely has a bit of a rattle in her chest (assume that means chest infection) so she has some antibiotics to take. I managed to get her to have some of her first spoonful of it but she wasn’t keen on it and not sure how easy its going to be to give to her in future. Why can’t they make antibiotics for kids in strawberry flavour?

Hubby has gone off to get the boy from nursery. Then they’re going to make pickled onions. Apparently son said to hubs the other day in the shops that he wanted to make pickled onions for the grandpas (one is grandad and the other is grandpa). Fair enough. Whatever floats your boat. He really is his father’s son. Take him to rugby and he’d rather go shopping or do some lego.

What else can I talk about – as I have time to kill. Hubs is downstairs now having arrived back with sprog #1. I assume they are busy making pickled onions now. I am staying up here in case baby girl cries.

Argh. Sod it. Fed up of talking about them without their names. Anyone who knows me and comes across this blog is gonna know who they are (and therefore who I am) anyway as I’ve put pictures up. So little girl baby is called Lala (short for Alara) and boy child is called Joshua or sometimes JJ or Josh.

This is Josh:

Very happy looking chap before his first rugby class.

Right, what else was I going to talk about? Oh I know, Christmas. What about christmas? Mind has gone blank yet? Erm. Oh yeah, christmas shopping. We did some of it online. Gonna get xmas decos and xmas cards out tonight and start writing them in front of the TV.

Well, think that will do for tonight. Will leave you with Joshua’s letter to santa!

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