Template irritation

Am fed up. And grumpy.

Girl is poorly and that’s not good. Worried about her. She’s in bed now and this blog template has been bugging me. I’m one of these people who has to have something perfect or they won’t bother.

I need to find the perfect blogger template.

I’ve seen a few that I liked. I do like the notepad one I have at the moment but the font is too small and I don’t like not to be able to amend that stuff.

My vision of my blog template…..

Hmmmmm here we go.

Well, I want it to say something about me and colours I like are pinks and pastels. Swirls or spots or stripes are also good. I love the idea of the notebook thing but I don’t like really small font and I’d rather the font was like it was in my original blog – which is like handwriting.

I’m completely at a loss as to what to do. I know the most important thing is content right? But I don’t feel like I can get anywhere further until I have a template I’m happy with. Bloody perfectionist genes!!!

3 Thoughts on “Template irritation

  1. Oh also not helping that there is a bloody great big red “undefined” text posted over the blog posts!!! Grrrrr

  2. Looks like you got it sorted! I love your template now – gorgeous colours

    • Thank you. I really like it too. I’m slowly tweaking the colours of the text and links and stuff. I’ll get there eventually. I’ve noticed that the header could do with being a tad longer… not sure if I can be bothered to correct that now though šŸ™‚

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