Darth Vader sleeps beside me

Am lying in bed next to my poorly little girl ( our bed not hers). Listening to her breathing. She’s not asleep. Not yet anyway. I was downstairs trying to sort out Xmas online shopping when I heard her crying. Came up, comforted her, tried to get medicine down her to no avail. She’s now considerably calmer. Upon instruction I switched off the light (hall light is on and door is open so I can see her little face. See pic. She just went from asleep to waking up from coughing. Cried. Looked at me and I cooed in cooey voice that its ok, and she drifted off again. This happens every few minutes. Poor little mite. Doctor tomorrow for sure. I have to remember to book the appointment at 8am on the dot. Have a feeling staying home another day will go down like a lead balloon. And I may have to take it as holiday rather than working from home. But hey ho. Rather not be the kind of mother that leaves her kids with someone else when they REALLY need to be at home with me. Don’t get me wrong a bit of the snuffles and they still go to nursery/childminder. But she’s not been right all weekend. Just want to wrap her up in a blanket and hold her to my breast!!! Hehe. No, I’m not going to be one of those mums breast feeding her 2 year old (although if that’s your boat I won’t knock you for it – not out loud anyway). But when they are ill it really makes them need you so much more than their normal healthy independent little selves.

Listening to her breathing is making me sleepy.

And then she wakes up again and is inconsolable again for 3 minutes, then straight back to sleep.

Hubby has been told to sleep in spare room. Have a feeling tonight is going to be long night and if I’m honest I don’t really fancy being squashed in the corner again tonight. Boy was up last night and climbed in with us and I ended up sleeping half off the bed.

The little one’s breathing is akin to to Darth Vader at the moment.

Maybe she’s been playing too much Angry Birds Star Wars on the iPad and has got into…. character acting. What’s it called when you get so into the role you go slightly mental. Like that old guy in Apocalypse now.

Hope she doesn’t have a chest infection. Or whooping cough. Not good.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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