Saturday morning

This bloody google thing really getting on my wick. a) why am I so desperate to have a Google + account that does not link back to my real name – I mean what do I have to hide? Nothing. Well, not much anyway. But now its annoying me that I have two blogger profiles and if I am logged in as MIAH (Mum in a hurry), and then try to click into my Gmail, it will go to my (empty) google mail account for MIAH. Rather than my ACTUAL gmail account that I ACTUALLY use.

I have left the kids downstairs playing with their iThings (iPad for son and daddy’s iPhone for daughter) and watching Nick Jnr. Was hubby’s turn to have a lie in this morning so am feeling tired and grumpy. Its nearly 10.30am and definitely time for him to get up. Before we started taking the kids to their rugbytots classes on Sunday mornings we used to get one lie in each a weekend which was much better. Now we have to take it in turns to lie in on a Saturday and then one of us has a nap or a bit of chillout time later in the afternoon. Maybe we’re selfish. A lot of people I know (especially those who work full time – like I do now) seem to spend every weekend chocka packed with fun (tiring), interesting (but not really) activities for the kids. Do I sound like a terrible parent? lol. But who has the energy for that? I certainly don’t. We do obviously do fun things with our kids. Occassionally take them on fun days out (weather permitting), we do dog walks and trips to park etc. But I think its also quite important for your (my) kids to appreciate that sometimes you just want to stay in and have a cozy day. OK those so called cozy days often end up with me screaming at them because they go a bit stir crazy. Most weekends, my hubby takes either both or just my son out (to DIY shop or brewing shop or maybe to the pub for some cheesy chips) so I can have a bit of quiet time on my own (if former) and a bit of mummy daughter time if the latter. I love both to be honest. Both kids, on their own, are absolutely lovely. Of course they can be very cute together too but mostly they just wind eachother up a bit and I end up shouting at one of them or both of them. But on their own they are SOOOO much easier. I generally find my little girl easier (sorry son. Love you equally but you are a bit of a pain in the bum sometimes) as she is quite self contained. Plus she doesn’t mind me putting a bit of grown up TV on which gives me a bit of a break too (nothing gorey or violent obviously).

I think I’m going to go make myself a coffee (proper latte – as have a supaduper coffee machine) and prod hubby one more time before I go downstairs.

Coffee made, hubby shouted at, apple cut up for children,


OK I feel a bit better after that. Was alright this morning (mentally). Enjoyed sitting on sofa watching TV with kiddies. Did a bit of putting stuff in the dishwasher etc. But then all the being climbed on and kids both demanding biscuits (not one mummy two – and yes I know biscuits first thing in morning make me bad mummy)/tea (too cold mummy warm it up)/banana (urgh mummy don’t like brown bits, cut them off – no you don’t it WRONG!) etc etc every 3 minutes was just doing my head in. I came up here (to my office and my beloved iMac) to have a bit of a break but calendar thing pinged up and told me that appointment with bank (to talk to them about possibility of lending us tonnes of money) was 5 minutes ago!!! SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!! I thought it was sunday. Don’t ask me why I thought a bank would have made an appointment to meet us on a Sunday when Banks aren’t even open on Sundays. I had in my head that it would be okay cos we’d have been at Rugby tots with the kids in the morning and could then go straight to bank (I could take them to cafe if they were too unruly at bank). Again, I KNOW that Rugby is on Sundays not saturdays so no idea why I got into my head bank appt was then. So cue running around putting contact lenses in and then realising the chances of making it to the bank even in the space of the next hour was unlikely. Kids and me were still in our jarmas. So I shouted at hubby for a bit just to make myself feel better. Then kind of apologised later cos it wasn’t really his fault. Tried to ring bank but number on Google was out of date so scribbled down new number from phone message. Rang new number for bank service. Why they can’t just put a branch number. Are people really going to be stupid enough to ring the bank directly about stuff other than urgent stuff that needs communicating directly to your branch (ie I am late for my appointment can we reschedule for later). Eventually got through to some uppetty type bloke on end of phone. Told him I needed to speak to my branch. He said they don’t take incoming calls. Yeah right. You mean YOU don’t give out the number is what you ACTUALLY mean. Twats. Anyway, told him what happened (left out bit about rugby and thinking it was on Sunday) and asked if he could contact them or have them ring me. He put me on hold for a bit. Then the phone started ringing then phone went dead and got BT message telling me I’d been cut off. Great. F*** it. We’ll go to other bank unless this bank ring us back.

Now feel very tired and grumpy. OK, MORE tired and grumpy. I now have a bit of time “off” so am typing this up and then going to have a nice hot bath.

Girl child is seeming a little bit better. She was very hot this morning but gave her calpol. First time she’s taken it voluntarily actually. When she was a baby we had to force it down her throat with a pipette or if she was well enough to have milk we put it in a bit of milk. Yummy. Calpol strawberry milkshake. Guess she’s seen her big brother take his medicine. In fact, she wanted more. Kept asking for it too. In the end, an hour later I gave her another little half spoon (says that’s the max she can have – one 5ml spoon and the mini 2.5ml spoon every 4 hours). No more now until 1pm as that was at 9am. Assuming she needs it which she may not. She is a pretty sturdy little lady. We call her Bulldozer. She’s such a little mini thug. I mean she’s very lovely and cute but very sturdy and heavy (both kids were heavy – boy was 9lb 1.5oz at birth. She was 8lb 13.5).

Oh this is nice. Quiet office. No kids pulling on me. No husband annoying me. Or dogs. I could get used to this. Better go get myself another coffee and start running bath.

Went down to make coffee and got pulled into all sorts of child-related activities. Grumble grumble. Now bath running and latte in hand. Well, not really as I couldn’t type if I didn’t have both hands available but its sat on the desk next to me.

I think I’ll go now as this post is starting to sound rather like drivell.

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