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I thought I would start off a little blog series to introduce my family. I thought I had better start with the long-suffering husband. The man who said “I do” at the alter (I think he actually meant “I will” – “I will have lots of sex with you until I die” – I know my husband and the way his brain works! haha. The man who puts up with my frequent freak outs and my shoppaholicism (made that word up) and the man that while perhaps seemingly a bit tight with money, will occasionally splash out and get me something I have hankered after for a long time (recently an iMac – oh and a new car – although technically I’m paying for the car myself). Anyway, here are some facts about my dear husband. Oh and a piccie.

Me and hubby on our wedding day (no I don’t look like that anymore)
  • He loves to cook
  • He has gone from being a lazy worker in a shittyish (well paid but dull) job where he surfed the net all day (more or less) to being a bit of a workaholic (boo) but being really good at his new job and I reckon progressing up the ladder. Am proud of him
  • He does pretty much all the DIY in the house. I am useless
  • He has forgiven me more times than I care to remember.
  • He loves QI
  • He brews beer in our garage
  • He likes to windsurf (in Turkey usually – there just isn’t the time here – plus its cold!!!)
  • He plays guitar (although also not much time for that these days)
  • He has big ideas and dreams (but I think he’ll achieve them)
  • Although he works in IT he’s rubbish with gadgets – go figure (is that too american a saying for a Brit to say?)
  • He chased me for 3 months before finally giving up – at which point I missed the attention (and him) and decided to go out with him
  • He is a fab dad
  • I think that will do for now. I’m hoping he doesn’t read this as it will make his head grow to the size of a pumpkin!
This pumpkin in fact:
Hubby and son (actual name Joshua – might as well as I’ve “come out” now)

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  1. Awww he sounds awesome. Your blog is adorable!

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