Wine, TV and flirting

OK, so kids in bed and its wine time. Hubs is gonna go out and get some mulling bags so we can make mulled wine (or rather so he can and I can stay on sofa and be waited on like a queen – or invalid – or lazy person). I, however, cannot wait and have snuck a bottle of wine out of garage and poured myself a glass.

Pretty good day today. Spent most of day working on flirty bosses boss’s thing he wanted me to do. Very tedious and involved finding a photo of a person, checking off on a list that I had that photo and saving it to my hard drive, marking green for yes (I have photo) and red for no (no photo found) – also orange for not sure which individual is right one. Then once I had all photos I had to put them in a Power point – one per team – correcting the size of the photos so they looked uniform and if there was not a photo, putting a box with the person’s name in instead. It was very dull. Spent some of the time exchanging ever so slightly flirty messages with said bosses boss. Very naughty. Will tell hubby later. Told him about it before as think a bit of flirtation is good for the soul but do not want existance of flirtation to upset him or him to find out later. Am very happy with my life and my hubby. Will blog about him another day maybe. Might do the “How we met” story or story of our wedding or something. 13.5 years of marriage – quite a lot of possible material really.

Also at work, sorted out my finances. Put all figures into my fancy spreadsheet that works out how much I’m allowed to spend per day – yes, per day. I don’t trust myself with a monthly or even weekly budget! I need something that refreshes every day. Thankfully this month even AFTER my 2 daily coffees (if at the office) I have about £8 per day which is good. Leaves enough for a lunch out or treating myself to something. I have an app called iXpensit on my iPhone which is absolutely brilliant (when I use it) as I can input my budget (weekly daily or monthly) and choose to have it roll over or not and it will automatically calculate when I put my expenses into it, how much I have left to spend. I set up 2 budgets – one for my daily allowance which rolls over. And one for my coffee budget. I have set this up as a monthly one. Its calculated on 2 x 1.65 (price of a grande latte in the office Starbucks – yes, I know, I’m SOOOOO lucky to have a starbucks in my office) per day.

What else did I do? Erm….. Sorry am a bit busy watching House. I’m almost incapable of sitting in a quiet sitting room. Have to have the TV on but have to keep pausing it as I can’t concentrate on getting my thoughts out with the TV on.

Sod it, wine and TV beckons. 

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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