Chocolate spread and angry birds Star Wars

Why does my dog insist on barking her head off at the one time of day we need to have a little wind-down time. My dad dropped the kids home and they wanted food – dog is incessant beggar and thief and won’t leave kids alone and I didn’t have the energy to police her today (after my hard day! haha not really) so have locked her in her room (we have a dog room – get us!) with other dog just while they eat their chocolate spready bread.

Am quite proud I managed to get my son into Chocolate Spread just now. He’s never gone for chocolate spread or peanut butter before no matter how much I try and tempt him (so never before managed to use my kids as an excuse to buy it when really I just want it cos it makes me feel cosy and warm and reminds me of being a child – I have no idea if I had chocolate spread as a child but its just that kind of food).

Dog is STILL barking head off. You would think husband would consider it his responsibility, as he’s currently downstairs with kids, to go in there and tell her to shut the f*** up. God knows what the neighbours think of us – actually I think I know what they think of us.

Just had to go downstairs as kids upset about something & hubby was giving chickens a late night snack (its only 18:50 but is past chicken bedtime) as they were refusing to go to bed (PS am not making up having chickens so I can be more like ManicMum4 (her early catalogue anyway) – I really do have 6 chickens but mine have never tried to lay an egg on my car seat. They have however laid in the flower beds and I think there have probably been quite a few eggs laid under the decking (where they hide from the dog))) (not sure how many brackets I put to start with – I give up now. Sod brackets.

Anyway, son had obviously been playing Angry Birds on iPad and clicked on an advert to Angry Birds Star Wars and wanted to download that game. Of course I had to get the iPad HD version and also the iPhone version so my daughter could play it on hubby’s phone too. The kids aren’t allowed my new iPhone 5. I made that rule before I got it and I have managed to stick to it. Some friends told me I’d keep to it for a couple of weeks before I handed it over to the kids to shut them up. But thankfully we have the trusty iPad (a bit rattly now) and my old iPhone (it had some issues so I decided it wasn’t worth selling and its become the kids spare now – with no Sim Card in so they can’t make calls).

Oh, I forgot to say. I was hiding upstairs writing this and then the kids started climbing up the stairs and I thought. Oh here we go. Anyway, hubby says “child 1 [he said his name obviously but I’m trying to stay anoninimous] wants to ask you something. He’d like to know what Aunty Helen’s name is?”*. Cue giggles. Its quite funny really. I said “I don’t know son, what is Aunty Helen’s name?”. Cue more giggles. “Helen”. Hehe. He’s not stupid, my boy.

*Note: Aunty Helen’s name isn’t really Helen but I thought making a name up sounded better than Aunty X or Aunty insert name here.

2 Thoughts on “Chocolate spread and angry birds Star Wars

  1. I used to love chocolate spread and I do remember having it on toast…a lot when I was a little un. Chickens and dogs (as in plural hounds)?! You like a busy house :)Well..jel about your iPhone 5. Lol x

  2. Oh how I miss my chickens!! My ducks I miss more, I am so jealous you have chickens….! It’s a godsend they do not lay eggs in your car…goodness how my life has changed….forgotten all about my early blogs…angry birds and star wars is my son’s life in one title…love the kids comments, they are so wise aren’t they, love how they find themselves so funny!!!


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