7 Things you didn’t know about me

OK, so suddenly have this idea for a blog post which I have shamelessly STOLEN from the lovely Tamsyn from “Anecdotes of a Manic mum” blog. Here is the blog post in question.

I am currently totally addicted to her blog. I am a little bit anal about things – I hate coming to TV shows in the middle of the series and if I really like a show, if I miss an episode I’ll download it to make sure I don’t miss anything. So, I read one of Tamsyn’s blog entries and loved her style of writing – she is so witty and entertaining – that I decided I had to start at the beginning of her blog and catch up to the beginning. So Tamsyn, if you are reading this, please STOP WRITING BLOG POSTS until I’ve caught up. Not really. Am actually catching up at a hell of a lick.

So anyway, back to my “7 things you don’t know about me”.

1. I used to sing in bands and actually applied for this years X-Factor. Sadly they thought I was rubbish.

2. I am a shopaholic. No. Seriously. Not just someone who occassionally treats themself to make themself better. I was using shopping as medicine. Not massive purchases although I did order a Mac Laptop on a whim the other night (had to cancel the order the next morning). I had to give my hubby access to my account and give up carrying cards with me and only carry small amounts of cash around with me a while back until I could get it back under control.

Wow. This is a lot harder than I thought.

3. I secretly long for the day my kids leave home to go to university (I am going to be the “Woman who went to bed for a year” – see book by Sue Townsend).

4. My father is an alcoholic (currently not drinking)

5. I lived abroad for most of my childhood (from age 5 to 16)

6. I once earned money by dubious means. I won’t say how for fear of shaming my poor children. But lets just say I’m now a totally reformed character and it was only 6 months when I was 18 or 19 years old. Hmmmm. Leave this bit in or delete?

7. When I am really down or poorly, my favourite things to eat are: Sainburies Walnut & Gorgonzola Tortellini with 3 cheese sauce, Guerlain sea shell chocolates, houmous and pitta bread (sometimes chilli houmous and often will be sundried tomato and olive pitta bread – sainsburies),

8. (yes, I know its meant to be 7 things but I’m on a roll now) I only drink earl grey tea without any milk in it.

There you have it. Do you feel blessed to know me better? lol

4 Thoughts on “7 Things you didn’t know about me

  1. Well number 8 is the most fine…but number 6? Well now I’ve just left everyone guessing,,,,!, and where abroad did u live?? Funnily enough when I am poorly I actually wretch to the point of near vomiting at the thought of stuffed pasta….


  2. Lived in Thailand, holland then Thailand again.

  3. Number 6 might be the subject of another blog post. Or maybe not. Undecided.

  4. ooooh found you via my linky!!!! Tamsyn is my best buddy and what a lovely blogger she is as well! Happy to have found you xxxx

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