On a low

I was thinking about this while I was lying in bed too tired to move.

Everything has to be perfect or I just won’t bother. And nothing will ever be perfect so why even start anything.

The thing is when I’m good I’m really good. I can be so productive and busy and organised that you won’t even see me moving. I had a bit of one of these periods a couple of weeks ago. I was not busy at work and that didn’t stop me from being super-productive. I created spreadsheets, tweeked spreadsheets, organised lunches, planned things, sorted out calendars, re-organised my Evernote account. OK, this was all done on a computer at work (as I had not very much work to do) but if I’d been at home I’d probably have been productive around the house.

And then my period hit me (sorry any boys or squeemish people reading this) and within a day or two of that starting, I got a mild tummy bug – Thursday night/Friday. And today (Saturday) I’m still feeling exhausted but I feel like I should be doing so many things.

We have put an offer in on a new house but our own house isn’t even on the market yet so we have to get the house decluttered and tidy so they can come and do photos and I’m not even sure how we are meant to start. Its such a mess. The thought of getting it all done just makes me want to cry. I sometimes think that if we could only have the kids not around for a weekend we could get it done (not much good really as it would have to be this weekend of which there is only sunday night left now) but even so I know really that I use the kids as an excuse for my inaction. I am simply in a low-energy period, where I feel like I cannot achieve anything and can’t even be bothered to try.

Well, I’m off now to go do a little bit of tidying up in the bedroom as hubby is cooking dinner and may well kill me if I haven’t achieved anything by the time he has it ready.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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