Why I think I could be manic-depressive

OK. Take recently. I started new job. BEen pretty manic since I started. Not really had a choice. However, physician even after the busy-ness started to die off (is generally a quiet period) I kept myself busy organising my personal files, sickness organising my evernote system (complete re-organisation from scratch – of about 20,000 notes including notebooks and tags), completely reorganised my childcare spreadsheet and did quite a lot of work on my finances spreadsheet. Organised a xmas lunch with friends. Yes, have a spreadsheet to go with that too. I’ve just kept myself incredibly busy. 

Last night it kind of all came to a head with the person out in Turkey who manages our holiday home (yes, I know lucky us to have a holiday home) quitting on us due to a big cock up concerning getting money out to her in time (completely our – well, my husbands, fault) and culminated with me saying that I would now deal with all the issues related to that (if she would not quit) as my husband clearly didn’t have the time. I mentioned that I really needed a laptop as work one is horrible and heavy & then I pretty much went online and ordered it. On finance. Sneakily in the kitchen while hubby was watching TV. 
Now I’ve been found out and have cancelled the order I feel like all my energy is gone (not just because I’m sad cos I’m now not getting a new toy – its more than that). I have very little work to do but I now have no inclination to either find anything to do, or to do personal things. I can’t even be bothered to walk to the cafeteria to get a coffee. I’m only making the energy to write this because I feel like I need feedback and answers. 
Maybe its a bit of a jump to think that I could be “manic-depressive” or Bi-Polar, but there are varying levels and I do seem to go through these stages. Or maybe I’m just a hyperchondriac that should get a grip!

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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