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Weight Watchers – again (hopefully this time will be the charm!!!)

While I’m on the blogging roll – just posted an update post which took me a whole week…. Here is another one. What with the new start at work and it’s all going well with Bella (our au pair) I decided that it’s time to tackle my ever creeping weight. So I have joined a Read More →

Weight Watchers Update

I have not been bad this week but I haven’t tracked as much as I should have done. But I lost 1.5lbs. I now weigh 13 stone and 10 pounds. So I have lost a total of 3.5 lbs since I restarted 5 weeks ago. Its would have been more if I hadn’t put on Read More →

Weight Watchers & General Update

Hi, so I’ve been a bit quiet since Monday when I had my mini-strop. I’m still looking for another job and have actually been applying for things rather than just expecting things to drop into my lap! So I’m working on that side of things. I also have another little project on the go but Read More →

Weight Watchers update / Bedtime shenanigans

The plan was to go to the Weight Watchers meeting tonight after putting the kids to bed and the au-pair would babysit for me once they were settled. As you know if you read this post, the kids have been a bit of a nightmare at bedtime. After talking to my mum on the phone Read More →

Weight Watchers – Week 1 update

Yay! I lost 2.5lbs!!! So my first week has gone very well. I started very well – tracking every day. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I packed my lunch every evening (salad with something added to make it tasty – olives, a bit of cheese, a hard boiled egg – to the value of about 5 Read More →