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It’s my birthday tomorrow

It’s my birthday tomorrow. I will be 38 years old. The kids went back to their dad’s today after spending the afternoon with me. First we went to the Range to buy stickers. Then we went back to a friend’s house to play for a bit. Then we all went to McDonalds for dinner. I Read More →

Money update 3

I'm sitting in the cafe at Sainsbury's just trying to spend my lunch break out of the office instead of sitting at my desk. As it is now a new week, try I have £40 for the week. Which I'm going to divide up by day. I also managed to get through the weekend with Read More →

Money update – post 2 #shopaholic #pbloggers

OK, 2nd post on this subject. See previous post if you didn’t read it already.  Last night, after managing to not spend any money during the day, I put the £3.50 that was left in my purse in my savings tin. This morning I opened the little post-it packet that was in one of the Read More →

My name is Abi & I’m a shopaholic

I’ve decided to start a series of blog posts to help me be accountable for my spending and how I feel when I spend. This will be my first post. A little background: I have a habit of running up debts because, like when I have a lovely chocolate muffin or a biscuit or a buy Read More →

An hour (plus 10 minutes or so) in the life of a working mum

12:57 Leave office and run to car to drive to Sainsburies to do shopping 13:03 Realise I am on the orange petrol light so head to BP Garage 13:08 Pull into BP Garage and have to park on wrong side come some old bloke is playing silly buggers parking across the one I would have Read More →