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My thoughts on the New Year

I had a great time last night first at Wetherspoons – I went on my own but got chatting to two lovely ladies who then befriended me. We’ve already planned a night out on the 14th February – which is valentines day. Which is perfect. I need to make plans and go out. Then they Read More →

The Last 20 Years in Photos!

I’ve been working on something all evening. It was going to be a collage but I thought I would leave it as it is in my This Life Album. Here is what I wrote when I posted it on Facebook: So….. instead of doing my year, I’m doing OUR last 20 years. This is supposed Read More →

My head is full

My head is full. So much to sort out: mortgage, properties, mediation, legal paperwork, kids, all the stuff I need to do when I do move, actually moving – physically, all the stuff I’ll need to buy when I move, the USA trip (I’m a contractor so will have no income for 3 weeks and Read More →

My marriage is over – Part 1: Leaving (Sunday – Tuesday)

My marriage is over. I can’t quite believe I am writing this. This last week has been a complete roller coaster of events and emotions. I can’t quite believe it myself. On Saturday we went to Brugge for the day. It was nice but felt odd. Something wasn’t right. On the way home in the back Read More →

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