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How to get past the bitterness?

I’ve been feeling sorry for myself today. I found myself sinking deeper and deeper and feeling very resentful towards Ben. The feelings of betrayal and hurt surfacing and I ended up expressing them by making cutting responses to text or Facebook messages. Those kind of feelings are so self-destructive and pointless. I wish I could Read More →

Musings on the future

I’m feeling more positive today. The mediation session on Tuesday was fine and we even went for a drink afterwards to chat about it. The purchase of the flat is moving on. I had to re-do some forms because the person I got to witness my signature (my father in law) is retired. Which was a bit Read More →

Mediation appointment tonight

We have our mediation appointment tonight at 6pm. I am feeling out of sorts. Feels very final. Not that I don’t want it: to stay in our current state is not a good thing, help no matter how well we are all getting on. But it feels strange and I’m not feeling great. I nearly Read More →

Today I got a flat, new bedding…. and a tattoo!

I was about to tell you about my new bedding and my new tattoo! But then I realised I nearly forgot to mention my new flat!!! We went to see a couple of flats this morning. I liked the first, salve not so much the second. So when we got back we made an offer. Read More →

We’ve told the children

We decided to tell the children today about the separation. Partly because I’ve already looked at a few flats and it won’t be long before we find one I like, and partly because they go back to school on Tuesday – I’m looking at a flat Monday morning and then spending the rest of the Read More →