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Parenting… the right way? #pbloggers

Parenting….. What is the right way to do it? Can someone please point me to the link to the manual… there must be one? No-one in their right mind would invent something as trying as a toddler and not provide you with an instruction booklet! Sometimes (actually most of the time) I feel like I Read More →

The truth about kids parties #pbloggers

Disclaimer: please don’t get me wrong. This is not a bitchy post directed at anyone whose kids party I have been to recently. I have been to 2 this weekend. One yesterday & one today. They were both different but were both very nice parties. One was in a hall and there were lots of Read More →

Road rage

Why is it sometimes the roads just seem to be full of wankers? I think I’m a good driver. I am confident but not aggressive. I don’t drive too slow. I don’t sit in the outside lane. I pull over for people that want to go faster as I don’t mind that people want to Read More →

Bad mood head

Been in a really bad mood this morning. Not really sure why. It was my turn to get up with the kids (we have a 4 day weekend due to Easter so decided that Ben would have Friday and Sunday to lie in and I would have Saturday and Monday). For some reason I’m not Read More →

Why I work full time

It is not: So I don’t have to spend time with my children It is not because I want to scare my children for life It is not because I don’t want to spend any time at home or want my kids to spend any time at home It is because There were no part Read More →