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Getting Focussed

Yesterday was a particularly unfocussed day. I felt like I achieved nothing (although I did go to see the Citizens Advice Bureau and meet my best friend for coffee and some shopping). By the evening, my head was fizzing out of control with all the things I have to do. I had written list after Read More →

New Year Blues

I think I have the new year blues. The urgency and the determination to become better, more productive, more organised, fitter…. and about 3000 other things that I feel I should be, seem to be slipping away faster than I can say “Latte please”. I am still trying to eat healthily. Most of the time Read More →

On a low

I was thinking about this while I was lying in bed too tired to move. Everything has to be perfect or I just won’t bother. And nothing will ever be perfect so why even start anything. The thing is when I’m good I’m really good. I can be so productive and busy and organised that Read More →